New Small Businesses To Try in #YEG: Part 1

One great thing I’ve seen coming out of this crazy time is the select number of small online businesses that have started; it’s always nice to see new options out there! All of these businesses offer dishes that are delivered right to your doorstep and ordering is only a click away. They’re also generally ready to eat too which is super convienent.

So without further ado, here’s a few start-ups that I’ve tried and wanted to share in a blog post with you.

Disclaimer: These businesses reached out to me to try their food and while these dishes were free/gifted, all opinions are my own. Please also note that I tried these businesses in their beginning stages and their dishes may still be changing/evolving. As a result, my pictures may not look exactly like their current presentation.

Malay Bakery 

Malay Bakery offers Curry Puffs and Rolled Pandan. The curry puffs remind me of a hybrid between an empanada and a Jamaican patty. The dough is nice and crisp while the filling has a slight kick to it. The curry puffs are really tasty, although I wish the filling was a bit more wet/saucy.  I’ve mentioned this feedback to the business owners and they were very receptive! Nonetheless, everyone in my household enjoyed these curry puffs and the box was quickly finished.

Rolled Pandan 

Their rolled pandan is also unique, I don’t think I’ve seen it offered anywhere else. The rolls are topped and filled with toasted coconut and it’s a delicious pairing. Coming from a Vietnamese background, this dish really reminds me of sweet sticky/glutinous rice. These rolls are not overly sweet but they are a nice treat and I really enjoyed them. The best part about Malay Bakery is the very affordable prices – currently 3/$6. If you’d like to try Malay Bakery, set up an order through direct message on their Instagram!

Nai Nai Mie

Nai Nai Mie is a start-up noodle business offering Indonesian noodle bowls that are made from a long-time family recipe. The owner’s grandparents used to own a small noodle shop in Indonesia and their noodles are made from scratch, without any MSG or presevatives.  The noodles are served with a mushroom chicken sauce, veggies, and some crispy toppings. Though everything is made fresh, the orders can be frozen and all you need to do is heat it up for 2-3 minutes when you’re ready to eat. Super easy!


The noodles themselves are great and definitely the star of the dish, in my opinion. I really liked the texture of them and nothing beats handmade noodles, right? However, while this dish is meant to be a dry, tossed noodle dish – I personally would’ve liked a little more sauce for flavour and even coating. Upon providing feedback to the owner, she was very receptive and from other posts/reviews, it does seem like there have been some changes since the first few bowls that were sent out. If you’d like to try the noodles, check out their website to start your order.

The French Creperie 

If the name doesn’t already give it away… The French Creperie specializes in authentic French crepes! The crepes are made fresh to order and delivered right to you. While the crepes themselves are plain, you can choose from their selection of sides to top/fill the crepes and from there, you can be as creative as you want.

The crepes are much better than anything I’ve tried making and most definitely tastier than the average store-bought crepe. I really appreciate that they were delivered warm and enjoyed how soft, yet firm, they were. After talking to the owner, it sounds like he has more he’d like to add to the menu so definitely keep an eye out for new additions in the future. I hope to see some pre-made crepe creations! To place an order, check out their website and fill out an order form.

While this is only showcasing 3 businesses, there’s definitely more new start ups out there so I’ll be on the lookout for more to try! In the meantime, please do let me know if there’s any in particular that I’m missing out on 🙂

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