New Small Businesses to try in #YEG: Part 3

Happy February, everyone! I’m back to share some new small businesses to try in Edmonton. This is part 3 to my (what I will now call) mini series of posts where I share new small businesses that you can check out and support.

If you missed it, find parts 1 and 2 here. While I didn’t originally plan for these posts to turn into a series, I continue to come across new small businesses so thought I’d keep on sharing what I’ve tried and turn it into a mini series on this blog.

I really admire how people are turning their passion into a business and sharing their love of food. I’ve seen some really unique dishes that are new to the Edmonton food scene and am excited to see how these businesses will grow. Like recent posts, the businesses featured here are all primarily home-based or online businesses (i.e. marketing through Instagram/social media) that offer delivery/pick up options – aka no storefront. This post features home-based/IG bakeries!

Tartie makes Japanese cheese tarts! She handmakes each one and bakes them in small batches, fresh, on the day of delivery/pick up. If you’re not familiar with Japanese cheese tarts, they are flaky, buttery tart crusts that have a mascarpone, parmesan, and cream cheese filling. The tarts are creamy but not overly sweet so they make a really rich and delicious treat. Tartie has an “original” tart but she’s also created flavours like chocolate, matcha, raspberry white chocolate and more. If you are interested in placing an order, check out her website or Instagram to get a box.

Mama Mochi
If you’re into Asian-inspired desserts, check out Mama Mochi! They make mochi in a variety of Vietnamese flavour favourites such as pandan, taro, durian, and coconut. If you haven’t heard of mochi before, it is essentially a glutinous rice cake that is slightly chewy and somewhat sticky. Depending on what flavour you get, the mochi will taste a bit different but it’s really the texture that sets it apart from other desserts. I knew I had to try mama mochi as soon as I saw that they offered durian mochi because I love durian! It was both nostalgic and comforting to enjoy these little mochi balls, which were so soft and perfectly chewy. They are best enjoyed fresh (i.e. within 1-2 days) so plan and order accordingly. Messaging Mama Mochi’s IG is the best way to place an order.

Toasted coconut and matcha with red bean

Mochi Pull Cookies
Speaking of mochi… another business to keep an eye on is Mochi Pull. They sell mochi cookies and from what I can tell, this is one of the first businesses in YEG to sell these. They are definitely worth a try! Each month, Mochi Pull launches new flavours and so far, I must say I am impressed with her cookie creations. What’s unique about these cookies is that each of them has a mochi filling so not only do you get to enjoy a great cookie, you get a soft, chewy centre too. Break it apart slowly and you can get a really awesome “mochi pull” (which I have been obsessed with perfecting). Keep an eye out on her Instagram to see order dates and what flavours are being featured.

Thousand and One
If you’re in search for cake, consider trying Thousand and One to switch things up a bit! Thousand and One creates crepe cakes, which are made up of many, many layers of crepes and cream. They offer a variety of different flavours, which rotate and change every so often. I’ve tried quite a number of the flavours but my personal favourite are the durian cake slices. While the cakes are slightly pricier than average, I think it’s fair because I can only imagine the amount of work it takes to piece together all the layers and have it stacked so beautifully! You can also just order individual slices. I’d also say the cakes are “covid friendly” since they normally come individually wrapped. If you’d like to place a pre-order, send them a message on Instagram. The owner is friendly and responsive and the whole ordering process is really simple!

Lumi Pattiserie
Lastly, check out Lumi Patisserie for some beautiful tarts! These tarts were gifted to me but I would definitely consider ordering myself. The tarts themselves are a shortbread dough that’s nice and buttery and each tart has a unique filling. I thought the tarts were good and enjoyed how each flavour combination tasted. They’re not overly sweet so it’s easy to enjoy more than one in a sitting. On top of that, Lumi is so skilled at decorating and creating such aesthetically pleasing, elegant tarts so they would be a great gift (for others or yourself). Check out her website/IG for order details and dates.

And that concludes my latest round-up. If you’ve read this far, thank you! I hope you are enticed to try something for yourself, ordering is only a click away. Let me know what small businesses I should check out next!

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5 thoughts on “New Small Businesses to try in #YEG: Part 3

  1. I’m wondering if these home businesses have appropriate food handling permits? I asked one business featured in the post and they never replied despite being interested in ordering. I try and support local although food safety is also paramount.


    1. Hi Philips! Thank you for bringing that up, I think food safety is absolutely important as well. I do not believe all of these businesses have a license, however, I do know that the regulations recently changed to allow for small businesses to sell certain food items out of their home without one. Please check out this link:

      As with any business (licensed or not), I do recommend using your best judgement to do what you feel is safe for yourself. Most of these businesses will also provide you with details on preparation or instructions on consumption too. Please know that I would also not post about any businesses that I feel are not handling their food properly! I have ordered more than once from the businesses I share on my blog and have met some of the owners myself, so I am aware of how they handle their products and feel comfortable consuming it and telling others about it. I hope this helps 🙂


      1. Thanks Sharon! As a consumer it should be a personal responsibility to be educated/informed bout what your purchasing but at the same time businesses have to ensure a standard of safety, especially in regards to foods being sold.
        I messaged one of the featured businesses, asked on a post and direct message. Post message got deleted and never got a reply from the DM which seems a bit fishy to me. I understand that we’re trying to make ends meet in this economy and and its encouraging that many are starting small businesses. Not doubting the food isn’t safe but if a business doesn’t have a food permit it does opens itself to liability and safety concerns.
        Great blogs BTW! Really interesting to see all that Edmonton has to offer.


      2. Yes, you bring up some very valid points!I know certain items do not require permits though so I guess if anyone buying is hoping to be careful, they could look into what items require extra caution/avoid those. I’m sorry to hear about this business not responding to you though!

        Thank you for following along and reading my posts, I really appreciate it.


  2. You are absolutely correct. The laws have recently changed which allow people to sell foods produced in their kitchen WITHOUT a food handling permit.

    I also agree please use your best judgment, especially with allergens. Many home kitchens will have pet allergens or MAY CONTAINS such as gluten or nuts as they have them in their homes.


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