Graham’s Jerkhouse

Jerk chicken is one dish that I often crave but cannot always easily get. There are definitely a few great spots in the city to grab Jamaican food but they’re not always the most accessible for me, personally. So when I discovered Graham’s Jerkhouse on Instagram, it felt like I hit the jackpot because they deliver right to your door.

I initially thought they were a restaurant space when I reached out on Instagram but turns out they do delivery for ready to eat/frozen dishes within Edmonton. Neil, the owner of Graham’s Jerkhouse, was really quick to respond and the ordering process was pretty simple in my opinion. Everything is made to order, keep an eye out for delivery dates so that you can quickly grab an order slot for yourself. They seem to sell out quickly.

Their menu offers some Jamaican favourites including, jerk, curry, and patties. There are several options for sides (e.g. wings, soup, etc.) and you can also just order the meats if you wanted. Bulk order or jerk chicken/pork, anyone? For this order, I went with a jerk chicken meal and beef patties. The jerk chicken meal was delivered warm and ready to eat, while the patties were frozen, ready to bake for whenever I wanted.

The Jerk Chicken Meal ($15) comes with either coconut rice or rice and peas (your choice), 3 whole pieces of chicken, and a homemade coleslaw. Let’s cut straight to it: the meal was SO good! Graham’s Jerkhouse grills their jerk chicken, which I love and prefer. I find other places bake it, or make it extra saucy.

Here, you get a bit of char and all the hints of flavour and the meat itself was very juicy, so good! It’s a little hot as well, so the sweet coleslaw was a nice complement to the heat. I personally preferred the rice and peas and thought the whole meal was very satisfying. With 3 pieces of meat, it was filling and I feel that I definitely got my money’s worth.

The Beef Patties ($20) came in an order of 6, frozen and ready to bake. When you’re ready to eat some, pop them in the oven at 375°F for 30 minutes. Once baked, the patties are a beautiful golden color and the pastry is crisp and buttery. While I personally would’ve liked a bit more filling, the meat was seasoned well and had a nice kick to it! Overall the patties were good, but I’m not sure if these are my favourite patties on the market. And to clarify, it’s not that they weren’t tasty, I just prefer a pastry that is a little thicker and more doughy. Nonetheless, I think they’re still worth a try because freshly, handmade patties aren’t easy to come across (unless, of course you are from a Jamaican household maybe).

Also one tip of advice about the patties…My boyfriend and I had a bit of a mishap with a few of the patties, so take it from me – wait for the patties to cool down a bit before you touch them and make sure you’re baking them on a flat and even surface! We were a bit too eager to try them after getting them out of the oven and removed them from the pan too quickly. They were also on a rack, rather than a tray, and this also seemed to affect the way it baked… we had a few break and fall apart to the touch since the pastry was very delicate. Devastating to say the least but lesson learned, patience, patience, patience!

Overall, I’m really glad that I tried Graham’s Jerkhouse! Though I’ve only tried two items from their menu, I can certainly see myself ordering from Graham’s Jerkhouse again and even based on this first experience, I think it’s safe to say they are definitely one of my top choices for Jamaican food in the Edmonton area. The food was tasty, filling and I love that everything is home made and cooked to order. Despite it being primarily an online business, I also felt that the customer service from them was noteworthy because they followed up afterwards too. If you’re wanting to get some quality, home cooked Jamaican food, I’d recommend giving them a try. To start an order, reach out to them on their social media.

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