Rae Mi Hyang

Looking for a hidden gem? Rae Mi Hyang is it! This locally owned, Korean-Chinese restaurant isn’t new by any means but it was my first time visiting (pre-pandemic) and I thought their food was excellent so I wanted to share what they had to offer.

Rae Mi Hyang’s menu has a variety of Korean-Chinese style dishes, some of which are quite unique from other Korean hot spots in YEG.  At first glance, this spot doesn’t look like much but they’re a good testament to low-key spots being some of the tastiest! And luckily, they are still open during this time for takeout with reduced hours.


My latest obsession has been Jajangmyeon, or Korean black bean noodles. This craving is what brought me to Rae Mi Hyang in the first place. They’re one of the few restaurants that offer the dish and it did not disappoint. If you haven’t had this dish before, it is essentially hand-pulled noodles topped with a black bean sauce, stir-fried onions/veggies and a protein normally. It’s earthy, a little sweet and savory, and so delicious!

Jajang Myun


On the menu, you can choose from a variety of noodle dishes. I’ve tried both the regular Jajang Myun ($13), which comes with pork, and the Tofu Jajang Myun ($15).

While they are both really good, I personally prefered having it with tofu. I found the tofu dish to be a better portion size and the tofu itself was crispy, adding a nice crunch when paired with all the sauce and noodles.

Their Yu Rim Gi ($15/$28) or deep-fried chicken with spicy soy sauce was also tasty. The sauce has some real heat to it – there’s actually whole chilies! If you can’t handle spice, I probably wouldn’t recommend ordering this. If you are a fan of spicy dishes though, it’s a well-seasoned dish that’s sure to be one you continue picking at.

Yu Rim Gi

On the seafood side of things, I also tried the Kanfung Prawn ($28) which were deep fried prawns with a spicy and sour sauce. The sauce was spot on for a hot and sour dish, and not as spicy as the yu rim gi (above) – even though there was still whole chili peppers. The prawns were massive so I feel like we really got our money’s worth.

Kanfung Prawn


My only complaint is that I wish the batter was a touch crispier, I found that it quickly softened over time and it got a little bit sticky…although, it’s mixed in all that sauce so expecting it to be super crunchy may be unrealistic.

Xo Fried Rice 

The XO Fried Rice ($19) is a good choice too. XO sauce is quite popular in many Asian dishes and for this fried rice, there was no shortage of it. If you are unfamiliar with XO sauce, it’s basically a mixup of chill peppers, garlic, and dried seafood. It gives most dishes a good splash of spice and savoriness. I normally opt for something basic with fried rice when I go out but this one was different and tasteful, I’d definitely consider getting it again.

As always, the cherry on top of any good meal is the service and the service here is very friendly and welcoming. I’ll be back again – especially for the Jajang Myun! If you have not yet been here, consider stopping by for some good eats, address posted below!

Rae Mi Hyang
10625 51 Ave NW



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