Where to Get Birria Tacos in Edmonton

Birria tacos are quickly gaining popularity in the Edmonton food scene and I’m excited to see more taco businesses offering these as an option. I’ve checked out a few spots for birria tacos now so thought I’d share some spots where you can find birria tacos in Edmonton!

Birria tacos are normally made with slow-cooked beef, that’s stuffed in a fried tortilla, and served with consommé – the richly flavoured broth that the meat was cooked in. Traditionally, you enjoy birria tacos by dipping it directly into the consommé but it can also be consumed separately too. I definitely recommend dipping it for the extra flavour though!

If you have not yet tried birria tacos, you’ve gotta get some! They are so delicious and definitely one of my go-to taco options now (where it’s available). Here are a few spots in Edmonton that offer birria tacos… FYI prepare to get a little messy because birria tacos wouldn’t be birria tacos without the mess (and a little oil)!

Tres Carnales Taqueria ($16)

One of Edmonton’s long-time taco stops, Tres Carnales Taqueria, offers quesa birria tacos every Monday and Saturday. Each order comes with 2 tacos that are quite large and filled with plenty of cheese. I have only enjoyed these to-go so it may not be a fair comparison since I’ve tried other spots fresh… but it is a good option if you’re looking for birria tacos on a Monday or Saturday night. However, for any other day of the week, you’ll have to choose from their regular offerings (which are good too, I recommend the fish tacos!)

Tacos El Nido ($11.95)

Sharing a space with PresoTea at the University of Alberta, you can enjoy bubble tea with tacos at Tacos El Nido (and ramen too, if you order from their other sister business, Jiro Ramen). There are several taco options on the menu but of course, I always go for the birria tacos. Tacos El Nido’s birria tacos are double stacked and nice and crispy and there is a fair portion of beef and cheese in each taco.

However, unlike other competing spots, the birria tacos at Tacos El Nido do not automatically come with the consommé so don’t forget to order it on the side if you want to dip (+$4.95). I find the broth here to be a little thicker/stew-like and sweeter with hints of Asian flavors but its quite complementary when paired with the tacos themselves. PS. Tacos El Nido is currently one of the only spots I know of where you can grab tacos from regularly, any day of the week!

Bandito Taco Kitchen ($15)

With a menu that features different types of birria tacos, Bandito Taco Kitchen is the first business in Edmonton to focus solely on birria tacos, while featuring other rotating flavours. I really love how they have halal and vegetarian options to cater to different dietary needs too. Right now, they offer pork, chicken, and mushroom birria tacos that are accompanied with their corresponding consommé.

The tacos from Bandito are a bit smaller in size compared to competitors but there are 3 in an order and consommé is included. While birria tacos are famously known for being a meat-filled taco, I actually really liked the mushroom option and think it is a great alternative to try out. You’ll want to make sure you try their salsa verde too, it’s great. Bandito Taco Kitchen is currently doing occasional pop-ups with hopes to open a food truck for the summer season, keep an eye out on their social media for updates.

El Santo Taqueria ($13)

El Santo Tacqueria is a newly opened food truck that has a menu full of amazing taco options. However, you will for sure want to check out their birria tacos. El Santo’s birria tacos are my personal favourite of all the options I’ve tried in Edmonton in terms of taste and price. The tacos come in an order of 3 with the consommé and the beef is so, so tender and juicy.

There is a little less cheese than other spots, but I actually prefer that because the flavour of the beef really stands out. Their consommé personally tastes the most authentic to me as well, being a little sweet and sour with a mini kick at the end – amazing with the tacos but quite good on its own too. Somehow El Santo Tacqueria also mastered serving birria tacos without all the grease. Their tortillas are not as fried as other businesses but I don’t mind since it feels somewhat cleaner to eat that way. I recommend enjoying a side of their awesome horchata drink with your tacos too. Check out their website to find out where they will be parked next.

All in all, 4 really great spots to check out for birria tacos and while some of these options may require planning ahead, know that no matter where you get your birria fix, you are in for a really awesome and filling meal! Birria tacos just hit different and I personally really enjoy them. Let me know if there are any other spots to check out for birria tacos!

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3 thoughts on “Where to Get Birria Tacos in Edmonton

    1. That’s a tough one…I’d say Tacos El Nido is good since they are the most accessible (always available). Taste wise, I liked El Santo and Tres Carnales best but you can’t go wrong with any of them.


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