Photolog: Damso Izakaya

In the mood for some Japanese? Edmonton has its fair share of really great izakaya spots to check out but if you’re looking for a new-er spot to enjoy, I recommend Damso Izakaya! They’re situated on Whyte Ave and have a menu that is quite unique and tasty. I especially love that I can come here for a good and filling meal, without feeling like I spent way too much on shareable dishes. Their portions are well-sized and fairly priced, win-win!

On the menu, you’ll find izakaya staples – fried items, sushi, sashimi, some stirfry dishes, etc. They also have a good selection of drinks as well. Here’s a quick photolog to share some dishes I’ve tried!

If you’re a fan of carbonara udon, it is offered at Damso! If you’re looking to try something different but sort of similar, then there is the Trio Mushroom Alfredo ($16). It’s still creamy but not quite as savoury as the well-loved carbonara udon. I’d say it’s a good alternative if you want to switch it up but I don’t think anything will replace carbonara udon for me.

Trio Mushroom Alfredo

In terms of sushi, I like the maki rolls I have tried so far here.

The Kuro Garlic Roll ($23) is probably one of the more fancier sushi rolls I’ve seen. It features scallop, hamachi, truffle mayo, 24k gold flakes, and black garlic. Lots of umami flavour and really well presented.

While the Kuro Garlic is intriguing, my favourite is actually the Midori Wave ($16) which comes with a crunchy tempura shrimp filling, aburi salmon and a sweet soy sauce. I’ve ordered this roll every time I’ve visited so far.

Midori Wave

I’ve also tried the Spicy Tuna ($10) and California ($9) rolls. Both are pretty on par with what you’d find at other spots, nothing extraordinary compared to their other rolls, but I like adding on the more basic (and affordable) rolls if I am needing something extra to fill up.

On the other hand, if you enjoy pressed sushi, the Pressed Salmon Sushi ($14) is a good choice. I probably wouldn’t visit just for this though as I do like the maki rolls more here. There is also a vegan pressed sushi option available on the menu.

Pressed Salmon Sushi

The sashimi here is comparable in price to most other izakayas I’ve gone to. The Salmon Sashimi ($12) order came with 5 pieces but I am happy to report the fish was fresh and buttery. I’d order it again, a visit to an izakaya wouldn’t be complete without some sashimi right?

If you fancy something savoury to snack on, the Parm Truffle Edamame ($12) is so addicting! Though a bit on the oily side, I really enjoyed these and they were quickly devoured.

I was also a fan of their Chicken Karage ($12), which was well-battered and crispy. You can pair this with your choice of house-made sauce; I chose their honey mustard sauce which did not disappoint.

Damso also has a dessert option – Souffle Cheese Cake ($9). If you are a fan of Japanese cheesecake, this is definitely something you’ll want to finish off with. So rich and creamy!

All in all, I think Damso Izakaya is another great izakaya in Edmonton. Their menu has a lot to choose from and the dishes are tasty and pretty affordable, given the portion sizes. I can easily fill up here without spending a ton, which is always a win in my books with izakayas (it is the worst when you spend all that money and still leave hungry!!!). With the current restrictions, they are currently open for take-out and offering a mini discount if you order directly from them. I’ve tried the menu as both takeout and dine in and have enjoyed both. Check it out!

Damso Izakaya
10352 82 Ave. Edmonton

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