About Me

Hello and welcome to eatwithshar0n!

If you haven’t guessed already, my name is Sharon. I’m a full time student, aspiring blogger and self-proclaimed foodie located in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

I love food and hanging out with my loved ones – I believe that there’s no better combo than good food and good company. If I’m not out with friends/family or eating (or both…), I’m likely at the gym, shopping or binge watching my favourite shows :). I also love cooking, travelling and photography!Β 

The Blog

eatwithshar0n is a blog that is dedicated to my love of food and well.. taking pictures of it lol. On this blog, you’ll find snippets of my foodie adventures through reviews, photos and more. I initially started blogging as an excuse to put my food related pictures to use and get my creativity flowing. It’s now become a hobby that I’m enjoying more and more each day! I hope that I can inspire you with some good food related inspo Β – whether it’s a recommendation for a meal, date night or just to try something new.

** Please note that all thoughts and opinions are based on my personal experiences.Β 

You can also find more posts on my instagram – @eatwithshar0n.

Thanks for following along, I hope you enjoy the reads!

** For contact or inquiries, please use the Contact link above or send me an e-mail @ eatwithshar0nt@gmail.com – I’d love to get in touch with you! Β