About Me

Hello! Thanks for checking out my blog, Eat with Sharon.

If you haven’t already guessed, my name is Sharon. I’m a foodie, food-lover, turned food blogger, located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I am always on the hunt for delicious eats and soak up all moments with good food and good company. Aside from being a foodie, I also love to cook, get creative, stay active, and travel.

For questions, inquiries, or partnerships, please email me at eatwitsharon@outlook.com or use the ‘Contact’ link above. I’d love to hear from you!

The Blog

Eat with Sharon was created in 2017 and became a creative space to share my love of food, writing, and photography. After reading other blogs and being on social media for some time, I quickly discovered that I loved sharing my own experiences too.

On this blog, you’ll find snippets of my foodie adventures through reviews, photos, and more. I primarily blog about spots in Edmonton but you might find travel-related posts here and there because like I said, I’m always on the hunt for good food!

Please note that all thoughts and opinions are my own and based on my personal experiences. Any complimentary meals, events, or promotional content will always be disclosed in posts.

Thanks for stopping by! You can also find more posts and follow my food adventures on Instagram – @eatwithshar0n.

Fun fact: if you’ve ever wondered why I have the “0” in my handle… it started out with me being unable to claim the regular “eatwithsharon” handle when I first created my account. Eventually, I found the “0” to be unique and it just stuck.


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