Supporting Black-Owned Restaurants and Food Businesses

As part of my commitment to being an ally in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, I wanted to share a list of Black-owned food businesses that you can support in Edmonton.

I recognize there are a few lists that have already been shared and I will link them below. With these curated lists in mind and some of my own searching, I wanted to compile a list and share with my readers what options they have to support Black-owned businesses. As a food blogger, I will focus primarily on food-related businesses. Please also check out Black Owned YEG on Instagram and Afrobiz for a directory of Black-owned businesses as well, they include non food options too. A list of restaurants was also created by YEG Cravings and the following IG users have circulated posts too: @lilybeam_, @ashdoesfood. The lists are continuously evolving and growing.

A few notes: Where there were several options for the same cuisine, I’ve included them as large subcategories. Based on my own research, I’ve tried my best to include what type of cuisine/food each business offers but because I have not tried them all personally, I am not 100% sure that they are all accurate and apologize for any mistakes in advance. For more details on their menus or contact info, I’d recommend clicking on the hyperlink provided for each business. However, some businesses did not have a website/online presence and hence, have not been hyperlinked. If there are any businesses I can add or or errors that can be corrected, please let me know!

I hope this list is useful in your search for some delicious food from businesses owned by Black individuals and families. For locations, check out the map below. Note that not all businesses are included on the map as some are online and/or offer delivery or catering only.

While you’re here, I also want to talk about some other ways that you can be an ally in the BLM movement. I’ve found social media to be really helpful during this time and have found lots of great resources shared so will also link them here. Aside from supporting Black-owned businesses, consider any of the following:

  • Educate yourself by reading articles and books or watching movies and shows about the racism, inequalities and injustices that Black individuals have faced. This IG post lists a few options to start.
  • Also take the time to learn about what privilege (and in particular, white privilege) is. Practice some self-reflection and recognize your own privileges too.
  • Take action by signing petitions and if you have the means to, consider donating to the appropriate organizations. Both American and Canadian ones were shared in Solange’s IG post and in this ELLE article. If you can’t donate, just following and supporting organizations is great too. ActionDignity’s IG post shares charities/organizations fighting for anti-racism that are local to Alberta. If you want to take it a step further, attend protests or rallies if you can.
  • Open up the conversation with family and friends. If English is not the first language for you/others, there are resources that offer translated videos/texts to explain what the Black Lives Matter movement is all about and why it is so important. For example, this one is specific to those in the Asian community.
  • Use your platforms to speak up and share resources/information with others. One great site that I’ve linked on my own platforms is this linktree here.

Most importantly, realize that it is never too late to step into the conversation, regardless of which pathway you take to show your allyship. There is power in numbers so amplify the voices of black people and continue to learn, listen, and support others in this movement because Black Lives Matter!

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