Sepp’s Pizza

Let’s talk about my latest go-to pizza spot: Sepps Pizza! It started out with me seeing their pizzas all over my social media and I have to say… after a few visits, they’ve definitely lived up to all the good things I’ve heard about them. During this time where takeout/delivery is practically our only choice for “eating out,” Sepp’s has definitely been one of my favourite options by far. I think I’ve ordered a pizza every week so far…


So I guess it’s safe to say that Sepp’s Pizza is quickly becoming one of my top pizza choices and I can see them being a regular spot, pandemic or not. Housed near the university (behind the old LEVA cafe), Sepp’s is solely a take-out business. You complete your order and payment online and then choose for delivery or pick-up. If you have it delivered, it would be through specific delivery partners like Skip the Dishes, for instance. It’s really easy and seamless, in my opinion.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you might not have to even leave your house to get some pizza. Unfortunately for me, Sepp’s does not deliver to my area so I’ve always made the drive there. While it’s a bit of a commute, they’re pretty spot-on with their timing and I’ve never had to wait that long. After ordering, they normally notify you of what time your pizza will be ready by and my experiences have been prompt… except maybe the one Friday at dinner time where there was a bit of a long line to get into the small space (hello social distancing, lol).

Sepp’s Pizza describes their pizzas as New York style – and while I don’t have many experiences with New York style pizza, I’d say it reminds me very much of a woodfired pizza but with bigger slices, and a better, thicker crust. Their topping combinations are a bit more modern than your traditional Italian pizzas too.


They still certainly satisfy my pizza cravings though. I think one of the best things about Sepp’s pizza is their crust.  The edges are thin and crunchy, while the middle is sturdy but soft enough to fold up for a tasty bite. I hate to admit that I’m normally the person who throws out the pizza crust but when I’m eating Sepp’s, it’s all devoured. For some crazy reason, their crust reminds me of cheese bread sometimes – even though there is technically no cheese in the crust?! Tell me I’m not the only one…

In terms of menu options, one of my favourite orders so far has been the White Funghi ($21), truly a mushroom lover’s dream. Topped with a variety of mushrooms, potatoes, cheese, and parsley, this pizza was creamy, flavourful, and just so freakin’ good.

Sepp’s Porco Fungi

I’ve also given the Sepp’s Porco Fungi ($22) a go. On the simpler side of things, this pizza was a red sauce pizza with house-made fennel sausage, mushrooms, red peppers, and mozzarella. I normally opt for sausage over pepperoni on my pizzas and am happy to report that the sausage here was awesome. Though, I have heard great things about Sepp’s pepperoni so they’ll be next on my list…

More recently, I’ve tried the Apulo ($22) and the Normas ($20).

The Apulo comes with mozzarella, traditional soppressata calabrese, fresh sliced hot peppers, drizzled with Alberta honey. With the soppressata and hot peppers, this pizza was pretty spicy but the honey balanced it out so nicely. A little hot, a little sweet, but a whole lot of delicious. My one discovery was that the meat and honey mixed together became a bit of an oily mess over time… but we’ll let it slide since the flavour profile was so nice – just a head’s up if you’re wanting to eat it on the go.


I found the Normas to be like a classic Margherita pizza but way better because of the fried eggplant on top. The eggplant was nice and crunchy and this pizza was so delicious. Bottom line is that Sepp’s Pizza truly knows how to make amazing pizzas, with or without meat!

At $20+ for most pizzas, my first thought was that these were some pricey pizzas. But I quickly learned that the prices are justifiable. Their pizzas are made fresh to order and taste great every single time, not to mention, they’re also huge in size. You can order 14″ or 18″ for pizzas, by the way. I always opt for the 14″ which comes with 6 very large slices. Truth be told, I’ve never made it home with a full pizza though…I am guilty of munching on some slices on my drive back. The pizzas look and smell way too good to be left untouched the whole ride.

To conclude – I’ve tried a variety of different pizzas over the past few weeks and all have been delicious in their own way. I’m positive that I’ll continue eating my way through Sepp’s menu in the foreseeable future and I highly recommend giving them a try, let me know what you think!

Sepp’s Pizza
11053-86 Ave, Edmonton

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