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If you haven’t already heard, OEB is the latest breakfast restaurant to take Edmonton by storm. It’s pretty much always busy but for a good reason – the space is beautiful and the food is great. I personally really love it here and have been eager to pick it as a brunch spot whenever I have the chance to.

The only downside to OEB is that there is very limited parking! On top of that, the majority of the parking in the area is also unfortunately paid parking… but that’s downtown for ya. If you’re willing to make the commute though, OEB is sure to knock your brunch socks off.

If you’re on social media, I’m sure you’ve seen a lot about OEB so I’m keeping this post short and sweet with a photolog to showcase some of my experiences here! P.S. I really love their breakfast poutines so you’ll see a few of those options pop up here…

Their breakfast poutines can be customized to be half spinach and half potatoes, which I love. Gotta take the greens where I can!

Tuna Crudo Breakfast Poutine

Ahi tuna is always a great option, making the Tuna Crudo ($20) a delicious breakfast poutine. The sauce is a cilantro crema, so it’s very refreshing at the same time! The Tuna Crudo also comes with their waffle cut fries (instead of the wedges like their other poutine options).

Needing a meatless option? I really liked the Truffled Squash ($18) eggs benny! Although the truffle hasn’t always been that dominant… it’s still really tasty. Braised butternut squash, porcini and truffle mushrooms, topped with hollandaise!

Meat-les to Say Breakfast Poutine

Another meatless option is the Meat-less to Say ($16) breakfast poutine. The main stars of this dish are the crispy potatoes (obviously), the avocado, and tomatoes. I did add bacon to mine because I wanted some… but it’s honestly so good on its own that a meat eater wouldn’t be itching for the bacon anyway. So, I’d just pass on adding meat next time.

#yolkporn at OEB is a given
Gold Digga Breakfast Poutine

One breakfast poutine that I’ve seen a lot is the Gold Digga ($20) breakfast poutine. There’s Berkshire roast pork and black truffles in this one. I didn’t mind it but I found the roast pork to be a bit dry so I prefer other breakfast poutine options myself.

French Toast Trifle

If you like some tartness in your breakfast, try the French Toast Trifle ($19)! There’s a meyer lemon curd with berries and pistachios, topped with torched French meringues!


My friend once ordered the GMO Free Mushroom and Ham Crepe ($16) here, I didn’t really try much of it myself so I can’t say how it tastes unfortunately.

Ehhhh Itza Meatball Breakfast Poutine

Ehhhh Itza Meatball!! ($18) breakfast poutine comes with chorizo meatballs. 4 meatballs may not look like enough for some people but it was plenty and extremely filling for me.

Waterfowl Benny

The Waterfowl ($19) is a nice twist on your classic eggs benny. It features smoked Peking duck and porcini truffle-mushroom ragu. All of their eggs benny are served on butter croissants and it’s so delicious!

I hope my photos have you itching to try OEB Breakfast! Their brunch really amazes me every time. On top of the great food, the service is always wonderful too. I have heard some people say they’ve had an off experience but I’ve been here multiple times now and have enjoyed it every time. That being said, my suggestion is don’t knock it till you try it!

If you’re not keen on long wait times – which OEB often has – a pro tip is to join the waitlist through the Yelp app! They’ll add your name to their list and let you know what time you should check in by. Happy brunchin’ 🙂

P.S. OEB is originally from Calgary so you can visit one of their locations there as well. I’ve always heard they’re opening a second Edmonton location on 124th street, how exciting!

OEB Breakfast Co.
10174 100A St, Edmonton

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