Gangnam Street Food

Owned by the same people of Dookbaeki, Baekjeong BBQ, and the newly opened A-mart grocery store, Gangnam Street Food has joined the little niche of Korean restaurants here in south Edmonton. What sets them apart from their neighbors is their menu of Korean street food. Think quick eats and small bites. Although there have been some mixed reviews about Gangnam, I think they are a fun addition to the YEG food scene. Personally, my experiences here have been positive and I’ve always left satisfied – although maybe a little bloated because I tend to consume a lot of cheese here lol.


After visiting a few times now, I’ve practically eaten my way through their menu. There are only a few items I have not yet had the chance to try. Overall, I’d say there’s a good selection to choose from and prices range from $5-$9. To note, I wouldn’t consider going to Gangnam for a full on meal necessarily. Their portions aren’t huge and are indeed indicative of ‘street food’. I tend to stop by Gangnam for a quick bite. In addition to this, don’t expect a full dining experience like you might get at some of the surrounding Korean restaurants – it’s street food after all. Gangnam is set up so that you order first and pick up your food at the counter. Sauces are on the side and dishes are served in paper cups and styrofoam plates. It’s meant to be quick, simple, and maybe a little messy.


Some of my favourite items here include their kimbab, spicy noodles, fried chicken, and Korean pancakes. Keep reading for more details!

Korean Style Hot Dog

Their Korean Style Hot Dog seems to be quite popular with most people. I’d describe it as a corn dog with a Korean twist. You can have the hot dog in a few different ways – original, mozza, cheddar, or mozza sugar, priced from $5.50-$6.50 per hot dog.

Cheddar – Korean Style Hot Dog

I’ve tried the cheddar and mozza dogs and I personally think they’re alright. BUT, I am also not a big fan of corn dogs to begin with… so I may be a little biased.  I find the breading to be crisper than a regular corndog but it is really sweet for my liking. To offset this, I like pairing the hot dog with their selection of sauces to add that savouriness back. My favourite sauce to pair with the hot dog is the spicy mayo. Overall, the Korean Style Hot Dog is not a bad choice if you’re unsure of what else to try.


There are several different types of Kimbab available, priced at $7.50-$8.50. My go-to kimbab is the bulgogi order! The portion size is perfect and my bf and I always share this amongst other items. The rolls have always been fresh and filling.


When it comes to deep fried items, Gangnam Street Food’s fried chicken is pretty dang good. Known as Dak Gang Jung ($6. 50) on the menu, you can choose from their spicy sauce or a honey mustard sauce. Both are tasty but I prefer the honey mustard more. The chicken itself is boneless and remains crispy, despite the sauce. You can’t go wrong!

Dak Jung Gak – Honey Mustard

One of my favourite items so far has been the Bul Dak Bo Kkeum Myun ($7.50). It’s stir-fried noodles in a spicy sauce with melted mozzarella cheese. I know, I know – I can easily make this at home since it’s basically just those fire noodles with cheese on top. But the thing is –  I don’t ever buy those spicy noodles anyways… so Gangnam gives me my fix when I want it 😉

Bul Dak Bo Kkeum Myun – Spicy Noodles

These noodles are definitely S P I C Y so beware. Despite the heat, I really like these for some reason. I think I can eat a whole cup to myself. Admittedly, that heat and grease does make me feel a little gross after but I’m willing to go through that every once in a while because they are so oddly satisfying 😛

Speaking of cheese, Gangnam Street Food also has Corn Cheese ($5.50). Literally a cup of baked corn with melted mozzarella on top! If you’ve haven’t tried this dish at Korean restaurants before, it’s extremely creamy and cheesy! My tip? Eat it quickly or the cheese will harden and it’ll be harder to eat! Other than that though, I don’t think corn cheese is anything spectacular in and of itself, so I feel okay with skipping it on the menu.

Corn Cheese

Gangnam has signature fries too: Gangnam Fries ($6.50)! I’d describe it as a Korean poutine. Loaded with bulgogi beef, kimchi, cheese, and veggies, these fries are fairly heavy and filling. Tastewise? I found them to be a bit underwhelming. I normally love fries but these didn’t appeal to me as much  – maybe it was the overload of sauces? Too much going on? Not sure but I’d say the Bulgogi Fries at Hanjan are definitely better.

Gangnam Fries

If you are a fan of mandu (dumplings), Gangnam has Dduck Bok Mandu ($5.50). Being served with a ddubokki sauce, it’s a little sweet and spicy. Unfortunately, the mandu does lose a bit of its crispiness from the sauce so I’d recommend maybe asking for the sauce on the side.


One of the sweeter options on the menu is the Ho Dduck ($3.50). If you are a fan of mini donuts, I really recommend this item. It’s a Korean style pancake with cinnamon and sugar filling and is super yummy! I think it’s one of my must-order items. After eating all the savory food items, these pancakes are a nice change.

Ho Dduck

I do wish Gangnam Street Food was open later for late night snacking but all in all, I think it’s a decent stop for quick eats. There are some menu items that I love (and would order again) and some that I wouldn’t mind passing on. If you’re someone who loves to snack on fried foods and cheesy things, I’m sure you’ll find something to enjoy here.

If you’re thinking of stopping by, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Although nothing is over $9 on the menu, the portions are small so if you are ordering multiple items, your bill can add up quickly. Bring a few friends, order more, and split the bill!
  • They brand themselves on street food… so expect to leave feeling a little heavy – like you just ate a buttload of calories – because you probably did. All that sauce and cheese can be delicious but eat at your own risk my foodie friends.

Bottom line is whether or not you love Gangnam, I know one thing is for sure – the growing number of Korean food spots to choose from makes me (a Korean food lover) very happy. The more the merrier! For me, I am sure I’ll be back to Gangnam again.

Gangnam Street Food
9261 34 Ave, Edmonton

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