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I find myself in Sherwood Park every so often and try to check out different food places whenever I get the chance. Recently, I’ve stopped in at Firecrust a few times to try their wood-fired pizza, one of my favourites!


Firecrust reminds me a lot of Blaze Pizza in the sense that it is also a “quick eats” type of place. It’s not necessarily a sit-down restaurant with full service but rather a order-pay- eat scenario. Prices are fairly cheap and service is still pretty stellar for ‘fast food.’


However, I think Firecrust is a little more authentic than Blaze Pizza for Neapolitan style, wood-fired pizza. Think Famoso but with a cheaper price tag. In short, I guess I’d personally describe Firecrust as the middle point between Blaze Pizza and Famoso.


There’s a lot of different pizza options to choose from at Firecrust. You can build your own or choose from one of their “We Build” options. They also have salads, soups, sandwiches, desserts, and so forth. There are vegan options too! Notably, they sell their ingredients for you to take home and make your own pizza – including the dough, which I thought was pretty neat.


I’ve enjoyed all the pizzas I’ve tried here so far… though there seems to be a lack of consistency with some visits. During certain visits, the pizza felt a little bigger with more toppings and on another day, it felt like there wasn’t enough. I often don’t realize until I compare pictures from visits though so I miss the opportunity to let them know…Ah!

Though it’s been a bit up and down, I still enjoy the pizza here and do consider coming back when I’m nearby with pizza cravings. There’s one particular chili olive oil that they have to top the pizza and it’s SO delicious!


Siciliana ($13.95) : Topped with Italian sausage, ham, prosciutto, and fior da latte, this one is flavorful and a good choice for meat lovers.

I ordered the same pizza on another visit and looking back now, where is the Italian sausage at?! Guess it’s a little late to say anything now but that olive oil, being drizzled, is a great topper and is probably why I completely forget that there was supposed to be Italian sausage in the first place. Dipping the crust in it is also pretty tasty.



Proscuitto Arugula ($13.95) – A classic, in my opinion. It’s a little different given that there is olive oil instead of a pizza sauce, but the dough is baked so well that I find it delicious still.


Margherita ($10.45): Simple but satisfying! If you sign up for their reward system/app, you get a free Margherita btw!

00100dportrait_00100_burst20190412140309235_coverOreo Milkshake (~$5): Let’s just say I’ll stick to the pizzas here… the milkshake was not thick and was pretty much just milk and broken oreo chunks.

So, will Firecrust replace Blaze for me? Mhm… probably not entirely! I see it as another decent option for some affordable, wood-fired pizza. I look forward to coming back to try more of their menu! Crossing my fingers for a location in Edmonton, too.

Firecrust Pizza
210 – 410 Baseline Road, Sherwood Park

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