Casa Laurel Kitchen (Closed)

I am no expert on Filipino food but I think it’s safe to say that Casa Laurel Kitchen does a pretty good job of cooking up a delicious Filipino meal. I recently ventured far north to check out the restaurant and was particularly impressed with the ambience and service. The food was notably good but there are some things that I liked more than others during this first visit.


Upon entering, the restaurant is open and spacious. The wall is adorned with a plant map of the Philippines and overall, it feels really comforting and inviting in there. Fitting if you ask me because Filipino food is a pretty good depiction of comfort food. Something about Casa Laurel Kitchen just makes me feel like I’m eating a home-cooked Filipino meal.

On the menu, you’ll find an assortment of options. From family-style dishes to lunch combos, there seems to be something for everyone. I found it unique that they had fusion type dishes such as sisig tacos and nachos too.


The Sisig Tacos ($6.99) are essentially tacos with a Filipino twist. Within a soft flour tortilla, you’ll find lechon (bbq roast pork) sisig (crunchy pork bits with liver), cabbage, and their signature sauces. The taco was a good bite of fusion cuisine and the sisig was tasteful and crunchy. I found it to be a bit too tangy for me but my boyfriend was a big fan!

Sisig Tacos

We also tried the combo meals. I went with the Beef Caldereta combo ($11.99). My boyfriend’s mom often makes this dish and I swear I can eat the whole pot, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong. Caldereta reminds me of a beef stew. Casa Laurel Kitchen’s caldereta comes packed with rice and is topped with a good portion of beef. The beef was tender and the flavours were distinct – very savoury and comforting. Although, I found it to have a very strong pepper taste. The combo also comes with two spring rolls so prepare yourself for a filling and delicious meal!

Beef Caldereta Combo

Though it was good, I thought my boyfriend’s dish, the Pork Belly Combo ($12.99) was even better. The pork belly was just soo delicious! Roasted in-house, Casa Laurel Kitchen’s pork belly is perfection – so tasty and so crispy. The pork belly combo is honestly a really simple dish with rice, pork belly, and a house salad, but sometimes the simplest dishes are the best.

Pork Belly Combo
Lechon – Roasted Pork!

We finished off our meal with Sago’t Gulaman ($4.99) – an extremely refreshing drink! With tapioca pearls, grass jelly, and hints of vanilla syrup, this drink is perfect for the hot summer days we’ve been getting here. I loved it! It was like the cherry on top of a delicious meal.

On top of the good food, we were lucky enough to experience the live music that is showcased at Casa Laurel Kitchen as well! It was so nice to listen to local talent while we were enjoying our meal. The service was also very friendly and attentive, which is always a bonus for any dining experience.

If you’re looking to try Filipino food somewhere, I’d say check Casa Laurel Kitchen out – I had a great dining experience here. Prices are also very reasonable with the amount of food that’s given. You’re sure to have some good authentic Filipino food here. I would love to come back for their other dishes and especially, dessert!

P.S. If you don’t make it there, they’re also available through Skip The Dishes!

Casa Laurel Kitchen
9635 167 Ave, Edmonton



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