Photolog: 720 Sweets & Etc. (closed)

Edmonton’s dessert scene just keeps on getting better and better. The newest addition to satisfying sweet cravings is 720 Sweets & Etc.! I had my first ice cream from 720 Sweets on a trip to Vancouver last summer and I am ecstatic that they have joined the YEG food scene. The Edmonton location is actually the first location outside of BC! I was fortunate to get in touch with the owner of 720 Sweets & Etc., Brian, who gave me a preview of their newest location here in YEG.


About: The brand is a Vancouver based company which is recognizable for their tasteful and Instagram worthy ice cream creations. Their flavours are artfully adorned with a variety of toppings and kept overtop dry ice – giving the ice creams that “smoky” effect when served. They also serve milk tea and bubble tea drinks!

Their Edmonton location is in West Edmonton Mall at the T&T entrance. They are still in their soft opening phase but be sure to stop by because they are an absolute sweet bunch – staff and food wise! New additions to the menu are also expected.


Here’s a photolog to preview what you can expect:

Milk’ee is milk tea soft serve that comes with almonds, caramel boba, caramel drizzle and a chocolate wafer stick. If you love milk tea, this one’s perfect for you. The milk tea flavour is very present and I find it even refreshing. Caramel boba adds a nice pop!


The Classic Cereal Milk is my favourite flavour so far. It’s flavoured like frosted flakes and topped with condensed milk, graham cracker bits and a buttermilk cookie. So delicious and just the perfect amount of sweet to it! I came back two days in a row for this one.

The Matcha Madness is green tea soft serve. Toppings include rice krispies, mochi, red bean and condensed milk. The matcha flavour is strong and pairs perfectly with the red bean.

Matcha Madness

Mango Tango is mango soft serve with mochi, graham cracker bits, and strawberry Pocky. I found this one to be noticeably sweeter than their other flavours. It reminds me of mango bubble tea slush. The mochi was awesome!

Classic Float

Caramel boba, grass jelly, and condensed milk combined with roasted milk tea and classic ice cream make up the Classic Float. Like a root beer float but with milk tea! An interesting combination and I’m not sure if it’s my favourite but the drink itself is refreshing with grass jelly bits. Although the roasted milk tea was tasty, I have to say I’m a bigger fan of their soft serve options.

Classic Float

720 Sweets & Etc. – AB 

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