Travel with Sharon: Calgary

I took a trip to Calgary over the August long weekend and was able to stop by a few places for delicious bites! There’s only so much time in a weekend to go everywhere I want to, but here’s a recap of the food that I managed to have. They’re definitely places that should be on any foodie’s list!

Gyu Kaku 
638 6 Ave SW #100, Calgary

I’ve heard good things about Gyu Kaku but never had an opportunity to actually check it out. When I learnt about their happy hour deal, though, it was too good to pass up! At $55/2 people, you get so much food. Miso soup, salad, beef bibimbap, gyoza, and a ton of meats. The pork belly was my favourite and I was stuffed by the end of the meal. The restaurant itself was quite busy but the service remained quick!


Diner Deluxe 
804 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary

The majority of the YYC brunch spots were crazy busy on the long weekend. Luckily, diner deluxe was manage to accommodate my large group of friends. Aside from the iffy service that we received, I thought the food was delicious. It definitely satisfied my brunch cravings! My boyfriend had the Salmon and Caper Benny ($17), while I tried the Chorizo and Spinach Benny ($18) and Breakfast Poutine ($11) – aka as the poutine of my dreams. So. Much. Cheese. I saw a sign that said they were featured on Food Network’s “You’ve Gotta Eat Here!” and I can definitely understand why after eating there myself.



Breakfast Poutine

Jinya Ramen Bar 
1800 4 St SW #180, Calgary
Jinya – the infamous ramen spot that everyone seems to talk about! It was good but I’m not sure it completely lived up to the hype for me. To start, service here was questionable. The servers were inattentive and not as polite as I would hope for. The food somewhat made up for this… Some dishes were better than others. I tried a few starter/side dishes – the crispy chicken ($11.75), the jinya bun ($3.95), and the spicy tuna tacos ($5.95). They were good but nothing memorable.

Really, the only thing that impressed me here was the ramen . Not a surprise! I tried the Sprouting Up Ramen ($14.25) and really enjoyed it. Who would’ve thought that brussell sprouts could be so tasty in ramen?! Also loved that they give you fresh garlic on the side! We went crazy on that stuff.

Jinya Bun
Sprouting Up Ramen

Mango Mania
1115 Centre St N, Calgary

I’m normally not into mango items but had to check out Mango Mania after a friend was telling me how good it was. This cute cafe specializes in mango drinks and other cafe bites including baos! We tried the Mango Mania ($8), the M & M…&M ($7), the plain tator tots ($4), as well as the Bao Bites ($4 + $1 for condensed milk). The Mango Mania is definitely sweeter while the M&M…&M is more subtle with vanilla ice cream in it. Nonetheless, both drinks were really good. I especially loved the bao bites here – fried baos coated in cinnamon sugar and drizzled with condensed milk. So addicting!

Mango Mania (left) + M & M…&M (right)
Bao Bite
Bao Bites

Oishii Sushi
8338 18 St SE #338, Calgary

The last stop in Calgary for us was all you can eat sushi, saving the best for last! Oishii Sushi has an extensive menu and unlike some AYCE places I’ve had in YEG, this AYCE was so worth it. Their deluxe dinner menu is only $35.99! The sashimi was fresh and the rolls were delicious. Service here was attentive and fast, as well! Maybe it’s a good thing that Oishii isn’t in YEG, I’d be here way too often.




I can’t wait to return to Calgary because I have plenty of more food stops on my list!  What are your favourite places or things to do in YYC? Let me know!

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