Travel with Sharon: VANCOUVER PT. 1

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I recently took a trip to Vancouver and surrounding area. I LOVE this city and what it has to offer, especially with food – to be honest, I think I spent all my money on food .. and parking lol. Within the week that I was there, I hit up so many good spots!


There’s obviously many, many more places that I would’ve loved to visit but they’ll just have to wait for my next trip back. Because I ate at so many places (sorry not sorry), I’ve decided to split the post into 2 parts to help it be a little shorter. Writing a real review of each place would take forever so I’m going to try and keep it short and sweet! Here’s part 1 of my YVR foodie adventures – consisting of mostly places that we dined out at. Enjoy!

Kyo – Vancouver (Granville St)
We checked out Kyo with family and this was basically an all you can eat Japanese and KBBQ place… best of both worlds! Long story short, our first meal in Vancouver was amazing! The dinner price is $30.95/person which I think is soooo cheap compared to the AYCE places in Edmonton. There was tons of variety and it was super tasty – definitely a step above what YEG has to offer in my opinion. My mouth is watering making this post…


Bao Down Gastown – Vancouver 
I had a few people recommend Bao Down to me so I was excited to try this place out. Bao buns are essentially transformed into street food/tacos- very much like YEG’s Kabao. After trying these baos, I’m not sure if anything else compares – the dough is soft but firm (enough) and they’re stuffed with delicious flavours. I’d definitely recommend this for others visiting Vancouver as well. We had the Bao Chicka Bao Bao ($6) and 2 Worlds Collide ($7). The pork belly ,especially, was really well cooked and not dry at all!


Anton’s Pasta Bar – Burnaby 
My cousin, Jess, kept raving about this pasta place and I didn’t quite understand her passion for Anton’s pasta dishes until I saw them myself. The dishes are HUGE and so, so good. The prices are also quite cheap for the portion that you get and it’s perfect for sharing. My bf and I shared the Penne Antonio ($17.50) and we still had leftovers. The service was also great – we had the sweetest server and I’d definitely recommend this place to others. I will be sure to return on my next trip!


Shanghai River – Richmond 
We wanted to try some dim sum and Yelp look ups brought us here. Although they have high ratings, I wasn’t too impressed… I was mostly disappointed they didn’t do push cart dim sum as it was a Shanghainese style restaurant (kind of our fault for not noticing but it came up on Yelp!). My favourite dish of this meal was the Xiao Long Bao – as an Edmontonian, there’s not many places where we can get XLB so this was kind of nice. I didn’t really care for the rest of the dishes. Not sure if I’d return as the service was not that great either 😦


Phnom Penh – Vancouver (Chinatown)
You’ve surely heard of Phnom Penh, yes?  I know I have! This restaurant is worth the hype – featuring Vietnamese and Cambodian cuisine, I have to say that I love how Phnom Penh reminds me of my mom’s cooking. The one thing that I learnt about Vancouver is that all good restaurants will have somewhat of a wait… we were denied a table on our first visit because they were full and we waited 45 minutes the second visit – so you can only assume that this is worth checking out. I recommend the Marinated Butter Beef ($13.95) (so amazing.. the beef is tender and marinated with so many delicious flavours) and the Com Bo Luc Lac (stirfried beef cubes with rice + egg!) ($9.95). Those dishes were my favourite. Other notable mentions that were liked in our party and were recommended, are the deep fried chicken wings and deep fried frog legs (prices vary depending on size). We enjoyed Phnom Penh so much that we went back twice within the week – to avoid a long wait, try going when they first open or mid afternoon (2-4 pm).


Charlie Don’t Surf – White Rock
We checked out Charlie Don’t Surf while on a stop to White Rock. The restaurant style is pretty unique and kind of reminds me of a pirate ship for some reason lol. They use locally sourced ingredients as well which is awesome.  Because we were beachside, I thought I’d stick to Fish and Chips (Cod – $17.95) and my bf got the Crispy Wild Cod Tacos ($16.95). Others in our party also tried the Ahi Tuna Sandwiches. The dishes weren’t bad but I have to say I enjoyed the view more!


Miku – Vancouver (Downtown – Canada Place) 
My cousin told me her favourite sushi place was Miku, but she warned me of a high price tag. Let me tell you though… I would order this sushi over and over again and be willing to pay the price! It’s so tasteful that soy sauce is not even provided for you. We ordered Edamame Beans ($6), Salmon Oishi Sushi ($17), Ebi Oishi Sushi ($17) and the Red Wave Roll ($18). The wait for food took a while but the food itself made up for it.  As a person who doesn’t usually love salmon, the salmon oishi sushi was surprisingly my favourite and it literally melted in my mouth. We joked that Miku’s sushi changed our lives – I’m pretty positive I won’t find anything comparable back home in Edmonton. It’s a bonus that there’s a waterfront view and an upbeat vibe in the place as well.

Sura – Vancouver (Robson Street)
For the lunch hour, Sura offers some special set menus for a really good price – either $15/person or $20/person. You get a bunch of courses and you’re sure to be full after leaving the restaurant. With the set menus, you can try a little bit of everything. I also tried the Budae Jigae ($16). It was a bit different since it had glass noodles… so I didn’t like it as much since I do prefer it with ramen noodles… still always love budae jigae though! The interior of Sura is really nice too so check it out if you’re in the area. Their Richmond location also offers KBBQ.

Pizzeria Spacca Napoli – Port Moody
Like Famoso… but better. I think this Pizzeria was one of my favourite spots during the trip. I love, love Neapolitan style / wood fired pizzas and this restaurant was great. We got Potato Croquettes and a Salumi Board to start and shared some different pizzas. They had an award winning pizza that had an abundance of toppings (including pistachio, truffle and prosciutto) that was so amazing.. I wish I remembered the name but it was possibly the best pizza ever… too bad I can’t find it back home!

Medina Cafe – Vancouver (downtown)
I heard about Medina Cafe from my old friend Imran, he claimed that it was the best breakfast he’d ever had. Knowing that there would be a long wait, we aimed to come here a little later in the day. Luckily, we didn’t wait too long before we were seated. The wait for food felt like forever though, I was on the verge of hangry lol. Although I had to wait, the food was good and super filling. I ordered the Paella, my bf ordered the Fricassée and we shared a side of roasted potatoes. It was good but I’m not sure if I’d consider it the “best” I’ve ever had since it was a bit different than my usual of eggs benny typf of deal lol. It’s definitely worth checking out though if you’re ever in the area – the interior gives a nice European vibe, the food is pretty unique compared to your typical brunch diner and it’s locally sourced food!

And.. that concludes the first part of my foodie adventures in Vancouver! Perhaps I am just a big food lover and that’s why I seem to find positive experiences with most places, but if someone ever asked me for food recommendations for their #YVR trip, I’d definitely be listing the majority of these places. Stay tuned for part 2!! In the mean time, Let me know what you think! What are your favourite places to eat at in Vancouver?

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