Travel with Sharon: VANCOUVER PT. 2

The second part of my Vancouver foodie adventures consists of the rest of our food stops + dessert places! There’s so many places you can go to grab a quick treat… just another reason to love Vancouver. Whether it’s street food, waffles, macarons or ice cream, there are so many options. Check out my Instagram for more pics and keep reading to find out more details on all the places I visited!


The Holy Crab – Vancouver (Robson St.)
We checked out the Holy Crab in hopes to find some good lobster rolls and seafood. It’s a very hands-on experience… literally.  Louisiana style seafood is ordered by the pound and spread out on the table for you, it’s a feast with a bib and all! As I am not the biggest fan of eating seafood this way… I opted for the Seafood Chowder ($4.75) and Shrimp Roll ($9) instead, which was still just as delicious as watching my bf eat away at his crab legs and crawfish lol.

Richmond Night Market – Richmond (River Rock Casino)  
The Richmond night market is foodie heaven! There’s so many vendors and since it’s not a full blown meal, you can sample a little bit of everything. I didn’t make it to everything I wanted but I still had a great experience overall. I went to the night market twice during my stay and I concluded that my favourite items were Bao Ice Cream sandwiches from Bao Bar Sweets, Thai tea from Milk Cha, Tacos from Tabetai Tacos and Ramen from Benkei Ramen. If you’re headed to the night market, I’d definitely recommend checking out these places. Some other ones that may be worth trying include the pork belly trays from Bossom, takoyaki stands (seen everywhere), bbq on a stick, and pho fries! There’s also a bunch of light up drinks that I saw people holding. Remember to bring cash for the night market as most places seem to be cash only. While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up some cute socks too!

Creckle Creme – Vancouver (Chinatown)
Just a short walk away from Phnom Penh, Creckle Creme has the cutest macarons I have ever seen in my life. A box of 6 macarons is $18.50 which is a little pricey in my opinion but the foodie in me couldn’t pass up this opportunity for a good IG pic. You pay for what you get and I assume the work and effort that goes into making these cute macarons explains it all. Their also well known for their creme brulees which are also amazing, by the way. I got the Ferrero Rocher Crème Brûlée ($5) and I demolished it very, very quickly. The cool thing is that you can see them torch the creme brulee right in front of you. Aside from these desserts, they also offer waffles, ice cream and cafe beverages. It’s definitely a spot to hit up if you’re in the area!

Crepe De Licious – Richmond Centre
Crêpe de licious is a crepe and gelato place that was located in Richmond Centre. I believe they have multiple locations around Vancouver and greater area though. I didn’t get to try any food or crepes but the gelato was pretty good. We tried the Salted Caramel and Raspberry gelato. I really enjoyed the Salted Caramel but wasn’t a fan of the raspberry which was way too sweet and artificial tasting. I would opt for something like chocolate or pistachio next time.

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Milk and Eggs Cafe – Richmond
Milk and Eggs cafe reminded me of a Korean drama for some reason – super cute, modern and cozy. They do have a food menu but we came here for dessert in particular. We got the cheesecake and mousse parfaits ($8) as well as the Thai iced tea float ($7). I really enjoyed the mousse parfait. It was creamy and super decadent with all the chocolate. The cookie layer was a nice crunch and this was one of my favourite desserts during the trip. The cheesecake parfait was a bit too heavy for me. I definitely wish there were more places like this back home! With their late hours, I think they’re a great stop if you’re nearby.

Chicco – Vancouver (Robson Street)
We checked out Chicco a small Japanese coffee and dessert bar, before grabbing lunch. It seemed like they only had a few items on their menu and I believe they’re most well known for their parfaits because the parfait menu is the first thing you see when you walk in. We had the Matcha Parfait and the Black Sesame Parfait (~$8). These were okay, I found that there was too many items in the parfait for my liking. I thought the flavours of all the toppings didn’t really work with eachother either. There were corn flake cereal pieces and fresh fruit mixed together, which was just meh for me.

Parfaits – Black Sesame + Matcha

Nero Belgian Waffle Bar  – Vancouver (Robson Street)
This place is also highly recommended and I think it’s a must-try in Van. As the name states, Nero Belgian Waffle bar offers Belgian waffles that are so delicious and soft. The warm waffle paired with cold ice cream is perfect on any day and I could eat this over and over again! The space is pretty intimate too so it’s cute for a hangout or date night spot. Alongside a variety of waffle options, they also offer cafe drinks as well. We tried the Bresilienne ($8.90) which featured hazelnut crumble and caramel sauce.

Bresilienne Waffle

720 Sweets & etc. – Richmond 
I’d seen pictures of 720 Sweets all over Instagram so I’ve had them on my ‘to-go-to’ list for a while. Luckily, I was able to stop in for the grand opening of their Richmond location. One thing that really caught my eye about this place was how they hand crafted their desserts and especially how they use nitrogen ice to keep their ice cream desserts cold. So, you get to pick up your dessert as it “smokes”! For the ice cream, we tried the Milk’ee and Matcha Madness (~$6). They were great – creamy, tasty and abundant in toppings. On the other hand, the drinks that we got were not good at all – super watered down and little flavour. I’m not sure if their drinks are normally like this or if it was because it was grand opening and they were really busy but I was pretty disappointed. One bonus of 720 Sweets is that the interior of the space features lots of walls that give the perfect opportunity for a photo op.


And that sums up part 2 of my foodie adventures in #YVR! After writing this post, I realized we didn’t eat at many dessert places as I was hoping. I didn’t make it to several ice cream places I was eyeing (Earnest Ice Cream, Belle Gelato.. etc.) but I’ll be back sooner or later hopefully. Thank you to all of the people who sent me recommendations and kudos to Vancouverites for having a great foodie scene. Until next time, Vancouver!

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