Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes

Edmonton is catching up with bigger cities when it comes to the introduction of well-loved and trendy food items. The most recent addition is Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes, a franchise originating from Toronto that serves up Japanese pancakes!

Japanese pancakes are sometimes coined as “soufflé” pancakes because of their distinct airy qualities. Compared to the traditional American pancake, Japanese soufflé pancake are softer, lighter and have a little bounce to them. Fuwa Fuwa translates to “fluffy fluffy” and that is really the best way to describe these delicate desserts. The fluffiness comes as a result of egg whites being whipped to soft peaks. Each pancake is also made to order, so you can expect warm, fluffy pancakes served each time! I was first introduced to Fuwa Fuwa during my trip to Toronto a few years back and loved it, so I am super ecstatic to have them join the #YEG food scene.

Whyte Ave Location

By the end of the summer, there will be two Fuwa Fuwa locations available. The first to open is right off Whyte Ave, and the second will be found in Windermere. I popped in during the soft opening of the Whyte Ave location and thought I’d do a quick recap so that you know what to expect if you plan to visit!

Because of the excitement around the new opening, there seems to have been a line and longer waiting times at Fuwa Fuwa recently. If you are planning to visit during these early stages, patience is key. The amount of seating at the Whyte Ave location is decent but I would be prepared to wait a bit (and potentially, outside) while the excitement is still new. All pancake orders are made to order so expect a bit of a wait after ordering as well, anywhere from 15-20+ minutes seems pretty standard. Hopefully the wait times to get seated and whatnot will decrease a bit after their soft opening phase and with the opening of a second location.

Current menu at Whyte Ave location

At Fuwa Fuwa, you order and pay at the till first. You are then provided with a table number and wait for your pancakes to be served to you at a table. During my visit, my party and I ordered the Tiramisu Pancake, Matcha Tiramisu and Raspberry Caramelized Banana. Prices range from roughly $12-$16, depending on which pancake option you choose. For their soft opening, some items were not yet available. I am hoping to revisit when more menu items get rolled out, such as the creme brulee pancake that I was originally eyeing! I’ve heard they will also be introducing other desserts and drinks in the near future. For this visit, I did try one of their Mango Sodas, which was sweet and refreshing.

Mango Soda

Of the three pancakes we ordered this visit, I personally enjoyed the Tiramisu pancake best. It was a perfect level of sweet-but-not-overly-sweet. In the past, I have also tried the Fuwa Fuwa Signature, which was still just as delicious despite having fewer and more basic fruit toppings.

The matcha tiramisu pancake was not bad but I did not enjoy the matcha as much as I thought I would’ve. I think I would’ve preferred it if the matcha was a touch sweeter and stronger.

The raspberry caramelized banana was a fun one and would be a good choice if you enjoy raspberry as the sauce is quite prominent.

The best part of all of our pancake orders was seeing the fluffiness right in front of our eyes! Shake the plate lightly and you will be able to see the characteristic jiggling action. I recommend enjoying the pancakes right away while they are warm and extra fluffy.

Overall, I would definitely say that Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes is worth checking out. They are a unique dessert option that should not be missed and their novel souffle pancakes are delicious. Service is also very friendly! I know I’ll be back soon enough…. Welcome to Edmonton Fuwa Fuwa!

Fuwa Fuwa Whyte Ave
8103 104 St NW

Fuwa Fuwa Windermere (grand opening July 16)
1217 Windermere Way SW,

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