Photolog: Nara Chicken & Tonkatsu

There’s only one place in Edmonton that specializes in Tonkatsu – Japanese breaded, deep-fried pork cutlets: Nara Chicken & Tonkatsu. If you guessed by their name, they also serve Korean fried chicken although I came here specifically for the tonkatsu. I originally found this place through IG and it was recommended to me by several people when I was searching for cheesy tonkatsu.



Located just off 149 street, they are a bit of a hole in the wall restaurant. From the outside, I wouldn’t think much of it. The interior inside is casual and clean though. On the menu, you will find plenty of tonkatsu and fried chicken options. We ordered some Nara Spicy Chicken ($15.99), the Nara Pizza Tonkatsu ($17.99) and the Nara Tenderloin Tonkatsu ($15.99), as well as a side of curry sauce.


There was no shortage of cheese for the pizza tonkatsu! I thought the tonkatsu was cooked well – super crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. It satisfied my craving perfectly.

Served with rice and a mini salad, it’s a meal that will definitely fill you up. I personally did not enjoy the tonkatsu sauce they provided. Instead, I opted for a small side of the curry sauce which was delicious. On my next visit, I would for sure consider the curry tonkatsu.

Nara Pizza Tonkatsu 
Nara Tenderloin Tonkatsu


The wings were also a hit for our table! There’s a variety of flavours to choose from and again, big portions.

Nara Spicy Chicken

Find Nara Chicken and Tonkatsu at
8712 150 Street, Edmonton


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