Photolog: Menjiro Ramen

I’ve been going to Menjiro Ramen pretty often lately! Their menu and ramen bowls have significantly improved over time and their prices are super affordable (starting at $10.50). While there are some other great ramen spots in the city, I head to Menjiro Ramen because they are conveniently located and their bowls are filling and tasty! For those located south of the river, not wanting to make a far trip to satisfy the ramen cravings, I would definitely recommend Menjiro.

Here’s a quick photolog to share what you can expect from the menu!


To start, I normally order the Chicken Karrage ($8). It’s a great dish to snack on and I love both the spicy mayo sauce and the ginger sauce.

Chicken Karrage
Spicy Mayo & Ginger Miso sauces

For the ramen, my go-to orders are always the clear chicken broth bowls – the Nostalgic Japanese Shoyu ($12) or the Spicy Japanese Shoyu ($13), when I’m wanting some heat.


Nostalgic Japanese Shoyu


If you’re a fan of pork broth, I recommend the Spicy Red Dragon ($14).

Red Dragon

There’s also the tonkotsu bowls, the cheapest starting at $10.50. The Tonkotsu (Black Garlic) ($11) is quite strong but will be a suitable choice if you’re a garlic lover. I found the Tonkotsu ($10.50) to be more basic but it’s a good contender if you want something more simple without spending too much.

Tonkotsu (Black Garlic)

Their noodles are also house-made and always perfectly cooked. Noodle pulls for days!

Menjiro has also recently started offering a ramen stamp card! For every 10 ramen bowls, you get one free. Check them out at #109-2920 Calgary Trail NW!

Menjiro Ramen
109 2920 Calgary Trail, Edmonton


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