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Pizza, pasta, finding a hidden gem – a few things that I love! Buono Pizzeria & Grill fits all 3. This intimate Italian eatery is located along 149 St and I highly recommend stopping by for a bite.

For starters, their service is amazing. I’ve been greeted with a friendly face each time, and one of the owners, Tony, even recognized me after just one visit (talk about a good memory!). It feels nice to be remembered and it shows that the owners really care about making connections with their customers.


Truthfully, the service at Buono is a bonus because the food is what got me there in the first place. Even if the service was mediocre, I’d probably bear it and come back just for the food anyway. The dishes are simple but so good. Sometimes simple, good-quality food is the easiest to enjoy, in my opinion.

Their menu has changed a bit since my first visit, but the food is still delicious. Here are a few of their dishes from their old menu! Unfortunately, the lamb entree is no longer available. However, the beef carpaccio and pizzas are still offered – although the pizzas might have a different name/look a bit different.


Carpaccio (still offered) – the capers and arugula added a nice touch to the sharp taste of the Parmigiano Reggiano. The beef was extremely tender and practically melted in my mouth! 

Arroticini Abruzzesi (discontinued) – lamb skewers, roasted potatoes and veggies

Parma (discontinued but the Toscana on the new menu would be similar) – mozzarella, prosciutto, arugula + cherry tomatoes, parmesan, pomegranate reduction 


Funghi Tartufo (still available but looks different with the new menu). This was one of the best pizzas I’ve had tbh.


Creme brulee – creamy and a perfect end to a delicious meal. 

Off the new menu, we decided to fill up on carbs and ordered a pasta dish and two pizzas! Way too much food for my bf and I but we intended on having enough for leftovers.


One important thing to note about Buono is that everything is fresh and made in-house – from the pizza dough to the pasta sauces. This is something they take pride in and the owner, Tony, shares this about every dish!

Tony told us that Buono’s pizza dough is a “secret” recipe – it doesn’t burn at the bottom like some places and it also doesn’t collect oil, especially when you bring it home. I didn’t really believe him until we brought home leftovers the first time. There was literally no grease from the pizza! Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Fettucini Alfredo

The Fettucini Alfredo ($15) came in a plentiful portion. I loved the hints of fresh basil in my bites and the alfredo sauce itself was creamy and delicious! The crispy bacon was nice but I prefer my pasta with chicken. Without chicken, it felt like something was missing in my alfredo.

Fettucini Alfredo – that fresh basil, yum

There was also a bit too much Parmigano for my liking but that can be easily adjusted the next time around. Overall, a good choice from their pasta options!

I love the pizza from Buono & I know I say that I love pizzas from a lot of places but I really love the pizza here… I always end up ordering too much – but that’s on purpose because I want to bring home leftover pizza. Planning ahead pays off.

Funghi Tartufo

Because there’s little grease on the pizza, I don’t feel so bad after eating it. It’s a simple, wholesome meal.

After enjoying it so much the first time, we decided to order the Funghi Tartufo ($17) again. The presentation was a bit different this time but still just as good. I feel that the pizza on their old menu was extra cheesy, in a yummy way. With the arugula added though, it’s a much better balance and honestly, arugula just tastes so good on pizza anyway – win/win situation. The truffle oil and the assorted mushroom combo? Also perfect. This pizza will likely be a staple in my orders at Buono.

Funghi Tartufo

We also wanted to try a red sauce pizza, so we ordered the Fiorentina ($17). This one was a bit unique because it came with egg. Tony explained that the presentation was meant to look like a flower.


I wasn’t sure what to expect with this pizza but it tasted great! It came with spinach, mascarpone, and soft egg. I was expecting soft boiled eggs on pizza to be weird but it was actually a pretty good combination.


The mascarpone cheese reminded me of ricotta cheese, soft and not too overpowering in terms of flavour. It definitely complimented the rest of the ingredients! The menu mentioned that there was roasted garlic on this pizza, however, I didn’t really taste a lot of it. The Fiorentina was good but the Funghi pizza remains my most-loved still. I can easily see myself trying all the pizzas here.

So, to conclude, I think everybody should give Buono a chance! I’ve enjoyed all the dishes I’ve had here and would order them again. Sure, there are a few tweaks that I’d make to my orders but overall, super delicious and memorable. Service is also very friendly and it makes me look forward to my next visit! Buono has been a go-to spot for date night and an excuse to have good pizza leftovers for breakfast.  I definitely plan on stopping by again or at least ordering takeout/delivery through Skip the Dishes.

If you find yourself there, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Buono Pizzeria & Grill 
8776 149 St, Edmonton

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