Golden Bunch

As a fry lover, my interest was peaked when I learnt of Golden Bunch. They are a locally owned family business which serves unique potato creations, on wheels! Yes, a food truck! Owner Sumit is introducing Edmontonians to Freakk Fries (because they are freakishly long) and Masala Spuds. As a matter of fact, this is the first business in North America that offers these items.

Golden Bunch makes everything in-house and their potatoes are fried to order, so you can be sure that everything is fresh. Both menu options are great and at $8 each, you really can’t go wrong with these delicious, golden snacks!

Freakk Fries

The Freakk Fries ($8) are extremely long – 10-12 inches long – perhaps the longest fries I have ever seen. I’m very impressed that these fries didn’t break apart as I picked them up! The secret to the length? It’s actually a unique mashed potato recipe that they use to make the fries. They have developed this special recipe to ensure the fries do not stick together and most importantly, that they are long and crispy. Golden Bunch makes the standard fry look boring.

Freakk Fries

The fries can be topped with various sauces and choices include: Garlic Parmesan, Spicy Chipotle, Cheese Please, and Yummy Chocolate. I decided to make my fries half Garlic Parmesan and half Spicy Chipotle.

So long!

The fries themselves are perfectly crisp and hold their shape. The sauces are also very tasty but can get messy! I personally preferred the Garlic Parmesan more than the Spicy Chipotle sauce. No surprise though, I was told that Garlic Parmesan is their most popular topping. The Spicy Chipotle had a bit of a kick to it but nothing the average person couldn’t handle.

Masala Spuds

Their other specialty – the Masala Spuds ($8) – are just something else , in a good way of course! Think cactus cut fries but with Indian flavours. They’re so addicting! I was munching on them even after I finished my lunch hour. The fries are coated with a chickpea batter and seasoned with an array of Indian spices. The unique recipe of over 15 ingredients was created by Sumit, himself.

Perfectly seasoned and spiced

The masala spuds have nice hints of spice to them and I really enjoyed snacking on them. I haven’t had anything like it before and they’re definitely a unique snack that I think everybody should try.


Overall, the potato creations at Golden Bunch are great! The service was also excellent and I felt very welcomed. I’ve been told that there will be eventually be more additions to the menu, extending their list of toppings and dips. Keep an eye out for Golden Bunch this summer! They’ll be at various festivals around the city and you can find out where they will be next here.

Golden Bunch

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