Now that I finally have a mini break from school, I thought I’d share my quick thoughts on Boardwalk, a new burger joint that has recently popped up along Gateway Blvd./Calgary Trail – the first to open here in Edmonton.


Boardwalk specializes in burgers, fries, and shakes – reminding me very much of burger chains such as Fatburger. Set up with a fast-food style concept, customers go up to the counter to order and are given a pager, which rings once the food is ready. Being an American franchise originally, the place really gave me a vibe that was encompassing of an “all-American” meal: burgers, fries and milkshake beachside. Hints of sea blue and wood really do resemble a boardwalk – too bad we’re not actually on the beach!


The menu doesn’t stray far from what you would expect with any standard burger joint. You have burgers and fries dressed up in various ways – chilli cheese fries and parmesan garlic fries included. And if you’re not into any of their premade choices, there is an option to just build your own. There’s also kids meals, salads, and chicken options. Despite having variety in most of their food menu, I was a little disappointed with the lack of variety in milkshakes. Only a few flavours!

Being a truffle lover, the truffle burger really appealed to me! I got a single patty which was more than enough for myself.

Truffle Burger

The Truffle Burger ($6.99) came with sauteed mushrooms, a beef patty, truffle mayo and swiss cheese. I thought it was pretty good, I love mushrooms in my burgers so thought that was particularly delicious. The bun was soft and the burger overall didn’t really feel greasy which I appreciated. The patty wasn’t dry or anything but I think it could’ve been juicier had it been a thicker piece of meat. Nonetheless, though, a dressed up burger for 7 bucks? I’m not complaining.


Paying a little extra, you can make upgrade your burger to a combo as well. A combo comes with your choice of fries, yam fries, or onion rings, and a soft drink. For an extra 2 dollars, you can get a milkshake instead. I personally opted for Fries (+4.49) and a Cookies and Cream Milkshake (+$1.99).

Cookies and Cream Milkshake

The fries were crispy and up to par, you could tell they were fried fresh. The milkshake was also tasty, but nothing amazing. You could probably find a better milkshake elsewhere. Although it’s not Mcdonald’s cheap (can anything be? lol),  I thought the amount of food I got for ~$14 was pretty good. I was really full by the end of my meal!

Boardwalk Classic

My bf kept it simple and tried the Boardwalk Classic ($6.99 – single patty). It came with lettuce, tomatoes, American cheese (aka cheddar?) and their house sauce – which honestly just tasted like mayo. It satisfied our hunger but it was pretty basic and nothing spectacular  In comparison to my truffle burger, it lacked a strong and memorable flavour. If you’re craving a simple and classic burger, you probably couldn’t go wrong with ordering this one.


So all in all, Boardwalk was exciting to try because it’s the first of its kind to pop up in Edmonton. Truthfully though, it’s nothing spectacular and is pretty comparable to any other burger joint. I probably wouldn’t return for just the burgers.


I do like that they have a variety of options in their fries and would like to go back to try that… my bf has already made it a mission to go back and try their chilli cheese fries. As a person who loves the beach, I also enjoy the thematic seaside decor going on. The staff and service were also notably very friendly, which is always a treat. If you’re in the area and looking for an affordable and simple burger option, Boardwalk may be able to satisfy your craving.

#546, 3803 Calgary Trail NW

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