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I recently got invited to check out Appetite Global Cuisine in St. Albert. The owner, Rajesh, reached out to me and was hoping I could share my experience on my blog as a way to spread the word about his business. I was more than happy to come try Appetite and would like to thank you Rajesh for this opportunity!

Disclaimer: I was invited to Appetite Global Cuisine for a meal as a food blogger and was requested to write a blog post on my experience. However, all opinions and thoughts are honest and my own.

Appetite Global Cuisine is a local family restaurant – a true mom and pop shop! When I think about supporting local, I think of people like Rajesh and his partner, Christine. They are some of the sweetest people that I have ever met and the pride that they take in their business really shines through. It makes supporting local feel even better!


Previously, the space that currently holds Appetite was a steakhouse. Although a little outdated compared to other places, you wouldn’t have known otherwise with their newly renovated interior. Rajesh and Christine rebranded themselves to become “Appetite Global Cuisine”. As the name states, Appetite Global Cuisine offers a wide range of food from a variety of cultural backgrounds – East Indian, Thai, Mexican… the options are endless. They also have a buffet selection in-house, as well as catering services and delivery with Skip the Dishes.


With so many options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I wasn’t sure where to start! I decided to ask what the most popular dishes were and we decided to stick with what the owners suggested.

Before our actual food arrived, Reggie and Christine served us with their Soup of the Day ($5) which was a clam chowder during our visit. The chowder was thick and had a good amount of clams and potatoes in it. It was definitely a hearty start to our meal.

Clam Chowder

The Wrangler’s Burger ($10) was Appetite’s version of a classic burger. Beef patty, bacon, all the veggies and fries. I felt that the burger was a bit overcooked or maybe just needed some more flavour or sauce but otherwise, it was pretty standard and satisfying enough for a lunch-time meal. The fries were crunchy and fresh, perfect for a fry lover like myself.

Wrangler’s Burger

We also tried the Fish and Chips ($14). I was pleasantly surprised by the size of this dish, so much food! While most places only give you 1-2 fish pieces, Appetite Global Cuisine steps it up a notch and gave us 3. No complaints there though, the more food, the better, right? The fish itself was tender and cooked well but the batter was not as crunchy as we would’ve liked since it fell apart quite easily. With the dish being made in-house, I was also a bit disappointed that the tartar sauce offered was packaged and served in those to-go packets. Luckily though, I eat my fish and chips with ketchup so I didn’t need the tartar sauce anyway.

Fish and Chips

The Authentic Indian Butter Chicken ($18) was my favourite of all the dishes we tried. Served with naan bread and jasmine rice, this dish was noticeably a large portion as well.


Other than the fact that the butter chicken was a bit too oily for me, everything about the dish was pretty great! The chicken was tender, the sauce was creamy and had a good amount of heat to it. Altogether, a very rich and flavourful dish. Paired with the naan bread + rice, it made for a very filling meal. Rice and naan bread gave me the ultimate case of food itis though! I had so much food that I was able to pack some home for leftovers still.

Fresh Naan Bread

Overall, the food at appetite made us very full! You can tell that the food is made to order and with care. The portions are huge and there is a large variety on the menu. If you and a friend are craving two completely different things but can’t decide on a place, chances are that Appetite Global Cuisine will have you both covered.

Appetite Global Cuisine is open every day of the week from 8 am – 8 pm, except on Sundays when they are open until 7pm. Their extensive menu, friendly service and long hours make them a nice local spot in St. Albert. View what they have to offer on their menu here. Or If you’re not looking to make the drive to St. Albert, don’t forget that they also offer delivery with Skip the Dishes :).

Appetite Global Cuisine
112A – 205 Carnegie Drive, St. Albert

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