Brown Butter Cafe

Happy new year! I’m back on my blogging mojo with some details on a hidden gem that is slowly becoming my favourite spot. Although they haven’t had an official grand opening yet, I love what they have to offer so far and believe that they’re a great addition to the community. Whether it’s for a study session, a coffee date or just a small bite to eat, Brown Butter Cafe is a great spot to check out.

I say that it’s a hidden gem because it’s kind of in an area that you wouldn’t suspect. I didn’t notice it until I was actually looking. Located further down 91 St – past Ellerslie road – you will find this up and coming cafe in a plaza strip of medical offices. Unexpected, right? They offer cafe drinks, sweet and savoury bites for breakfast, lunch, and in between. With weekday hours from 9-5 though, it’s a bummer that they aren’t open on weekends or later for a nighttime hang out spot (yet…).


My short review: great space and delicious food. It’s open, minimalistic, modern and clean, I really love it in there. The only downside is that there is very limited seating. You’ll be lucky to snag a seat/table during peak hours, like lunch. The staff is also very friendly, making it such an inviting place. And, the best part – everything is so affordable. Cheap prices and great food, what more can one ask for?


Now, on to the food. Their food is made from scratch and their buns are made fresh daily. I would call the buns versatile because they’re used for “bun wiches” and for sweet buns too.  Both sweet and savoury options do not disappoint!

The Cinnamon Bun ($2.95) is simple, but delicious. The flavours definitely resemble that of a cinnamon bun but I felt that the bun was missing a little something compared to the others I tried. It was kind of the plain jane of the group.

Cinnamon Bun

If you’re looking for something a little more extravagant, I don’t think you can go wrong with the S’mores Bun ($3.35). Toasted marshmallow drizzled with caramel and sea salt, this bun brings some nostalgic summer feelings back. It’s pretty spot on with the flavours and doesn’t fare far from the real deal. Just missing graham crackers, I’d say.

S’mores Bun

My favourite of the three buns that I tried was the Strawberry Cheesecake Bun ($3.35) Rich in flavour, the cream cheese/cheesecake filling paired perfectly with the strawberries. It was even better when you took a bite with the whipped cream. I also enjoyed this bun most because it had some components that weren’t dry which I thought helped enhance the bun, texture wise.

Strawberry Cheescake Bun
Brunch/Breakfast date!

On the savoury side of things, the Sunny Day Bowl ($6.55) may be one of the best things that I’ve bought for breakfast/brunch. The bowl comes with quite a bit of food and I was super full by the end! And for that price? I’m not complaining!

Sunny Day Bowl

The bowl comes with a sunny side up egg, kale, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, and a spicy yogurt. I loved the roasted potatoes – the cheddar cheese on top was a bonus. At first I thought the yogurt would be weird but it actually complemented the rest of the bowl really well and was a nice cooling component to the dish.

All the potatoes…

The Good Morning ($5.55) was basically a breakfast bun-wich consisting of egg, cheddar cheese, avocado, spicy mayo and pickled onions. Again, a pretty simple dish that I could make at home but so good. The bun is actually what makes this one so dang good. Like I mentioned previously, their buns are made fresh daily – and you can really tell! The bun was not dry at all. It was soft, kept its structure (don’t you hate when your buns crumble apart?) and basically just what you’d hope for when you hear “baked fresh daily”. The spicy mayo was also very complimentary here, tying everything together.

Good Morning

The Mak and Cheese ($2.35) is also something worth getting. Topped with ramen noodles for a crunch, the mak and cheese was saucy and well, cheesy. There’s something about this one that makes it stand apart from the typical mac and cheese. You’ll have to try it for yourself! The portion is smaller so it’s likely to be more of a side than a full meal.

Mak and Cheese

Their Soup of the Day ($2.35) on one of my visits was a potato and leek soup. I think their soup changes so this might not always be available but I’m sure you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu here. This one was creamy and satisfying because it was freezing the day I came!

Potato and Leek – Soup of the Day

In between the buns of the Meatball Bun-wich ($8.90): meatballs (made in-house), arugula, pesto sauce and arugula. Looks as good as it tastes! Although, it’s a pretty messy one cause it’s stuffed with a lot of sauce and meatballs. The pesto flavour was also pretty strong for me. All the cheese though… yum!

Meatball Bun-wich

If you’re not coming for the food, at least come for a drink! All drinks are made in-house as well. Their matcha latte is my favourite. For me personally, I don’t like when there’s that overpowering matcha flavour… the one at Brown Butter Cafe is more on the subtle side but it’s definitely still noticeable enough to enjoy it as a matcha latte. I’ve had matcha lattes where I feel like I’m just drinking warm milk… bad experiences. This one, though, was silky and rich.

Matcha Latte

It can also be made as an iced latte!


Brown Butter Cafe is still in their soft opening but I see a lot of potential here. The food, drinks, service, and prices all get a thumbs-up from me. I’m so glad to have a great cafe spot to visit closer to home and I look forward to coming back again. Make sure to put them on your “places to go” list and check them out!

Brown Butter Cafe
1528 91 St, Edmonton


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