Date Night: Tropika + 80 Flavours

My boyfriend and I love going out to eat and trying new food/places.. which really fuels the foodie in me. So, to try something new.. I’m going to try blogging about our most recent date night spot! I apologize for the low-quality photos, I was not planning on making a blog post with these places originally.. so these were taken on my phone.


So, our most recent outing was to Tropika. I was really craving the Roti Canai and Kari Lembu so this was the spot.

Tropika is a Malay/Thai restaurant. Although that’s what they claim to be, I think they are also comparable to the typical family-style Chinese restaurant. The place offers a lot of seating with large tables and a full menu with everything from rice to noodle to seafood and meat dishes.


We started off the meal with Roti Canai ($4.50). The dish comes with a thin flatbread (roti) and a curry-like sauce that has a bit of spice to it. It is one of my favourite dishes here and it’s easy to share and munch on while the rest of your meal comes out.

Roti Canai ($4.50)

We also ordered the Kari Lembu ($17.00) which is essentially a Malay style beef curry. It comes with beef shank cubes and potatoes. This is also another favourite of mine. It also pairs well with the roti because the curry sauce is just more “dip”!

Kari Lembu ($17)

To help us fill up, we also got a rice and noodle dish. We got the Fried Rice with Salted Fish and Chicken ($15.00) and the Char Hor fun ($14.00).

Fried Rice with Salted Fish and Chicken ($15)

The fried rice dish is one of my favourites to order at any place with Chinese cuisine. It never fails my taste buds :). However, I don’t think I’d order the Char Hor Fun again, it was too saucy and “wet” for my liking. The bf was actually the most disappointed with this dish 😦

Char Hor Fun ($14)

Overall, the service was friendly and attentive. I usually only come here for certain dishes that I know that I like. As a date night spot, it’s nothing “fancy” – I see it as a more laid-back place that is quiet and intimate with quick eats.  Be prepared to leave the place feeling full and going home with some leftovers.

80 Flavours

After dinner, we also checked out 80 Flavours – an ice cream “food truck” located on Gateway Blvd. There are many, many flavours to choose from.. it’s almost overwhelming. I wanted to try everything!


After some debate, I ended up getting a double scoop with Green Tea and Cookie Dough (aka the best two flavours out there) and the bf got a single scoop of Cookies and Cream. The pricing is pretty cheap, you can get a single scoop for $4.00 or a double scoop for $6.00. There is also the option to upgrade to a waffle cone for $1.00.

Green tea + Cookie Dough ($6 – left) & Cookies n Cream ($4 – right) – Waffle Cone ($1)

The ice cream itself just tastes like .. well .. ice cream. It’s great and perfect for the summer, but I wouldn’t say there’s anything special about it. I think the popularity of this place lies in the fact that there’s just so many options to choose from. I do enjoy the variety though since not many places offer that many choices!


One important thing to note is that 80 Flavours takes cash only. They also have other locations near Ellerslie and 142 St.

Tropika (South)
6004 – 104 St, Edmonton

80 Flavours 
4025 Gateway Blvd, Edmonton

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