Grandin Fish ‘n’ Chips

After hearing so much about Grandin Fish ‘n’ Chips, it quickly became one of my “must go to” places. There doesn’t seem to be many places in Edmonton that offer a specialty in fish and chips so it’s great to have something new! Luckily, I got to check out Grandin Fish ‘n’ Chips during my lunch break earlier this week. Short summary? Cute place (very nautical like), great prices and delicious food!

During lunch time, the place is set up so that you order and pay before you sit down.. kind of like a fast-food place but with way better quality food of course. You go in, you order and then you sit down with a number and they will bring you your food.

The kitchen is exposed which offers a more casual and inviting atmosphere to the place. The menu itself has quite a bit, offering more than just their specialty of fish and chips (yay!).


I debated between all the different types of fish and chips (basa, haddock, cod) and ended up ordering the Basa fish and chips ($12).

Basa fish and chips ($12)

As a person who is not the biggest fan of fish, I think my opinion is somewhat insightful here .. since I actually really liked this dish. The basa itself was super soft and the batter was fried to perfection – not soggy and it didn’t break apart like other places I’ve tried. The tartar sauce that the fish and chips came with was great, it added some extra flavour to the meal. I honestly dipped everything in it ’cause it was so good.

The only critique that I would have about this dish is that the fish-to-chips ratio was kinda off. However, their fries were still good – very home-made like and fresh (even when I was eating the leftovers later). The side of cole slaw was light and refreshing, offering some contrast to all the deep fried goodness.

My friend ordered the Seafood Chowder and Cheese Biscuit ($14). It was quite a large portion so you really get “a bang for your buck” here. The cheese biscuit was served warm with a (big) side of butter and it paired perfectly with the chowder.  My friend let me try some of the chowder and it was super delicious – creamy and hearty, just as a chowder should be.

Seafood chowder and cheese biscuit ($14)

The staff and overall service was very friendly here. Despite the busy lunch hour, they were attentive to customers and kept the line moving quickly. To note, if you are coming here during lunch hour, be prepared for a bit of a longer wait time and limited seating. BUT, no worries, they’re worth the wait.


To conclude, there’s been a good reason why everyone has been raving over this new fish and chips joint lately. I hope to come back in the near future and try more of their menu – I am eyeing the loaded mashed potatoes and puddings next!

Grandin Fish ‘N’ Chips
9902 109 Street, Edmonton

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