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First blog post! The weather is getting warmer and warmer which means that food trucks are now making their way back onto Edmonton streets.

I was able to grab a bite from the Crooked Fork on my lunch break earlier this week and would definitely recommend it. I’ve seen them parked at the same corner (108 st & 99 ave) several times now, so if you happen to catch them (here or elsewhere), make sure to give them a try! IMG_7754

My first impression of the menu was that they had a very unique menu. There was some items with different ingredients – that I didn’t think a food truck would typically offer – like duck and boar. The kangaroo burger, especially, caught my eye but unfortunately, I wasn’t willing to take that risk lol (think they ran out of this order this day too, perhaps suggesting that it’s popular?). IMG_7752

I opted for the Arancini which were filled with mushroom risotto. Arincini are basically stuffed rice balls that are coated in a crunchy layer – i.e. bread crumbs – and then deep fried. For $10.00, you could get 6 balls which were laid on a bed of tomato basil sauce. There was also a side of cole slaw.


The arincini was amazing, to say the least. The mushroom risotto inside was extremely flavourful with hints of mozza cheese (I love cheese!!) and the balls were fried to golden perfection. The tomato basil sauce was also great… I wish I got more of it! The only thing I did not like about this order was the side of cole slaw, it did not seem to work with the arincini – cole slaw with italian flavours? i dunno… and it was slightly under seasoned. I’m not the biggest fan of cole slaw though so I may be biased here.

My colleagues/friends (love when your coworkers are also friends ;)) ordered the Spicy Thai Curry Chicken ($11.50) and the Crispy Chicken Sandwich + fries ($9.50+$2.00)

The next time I order from here, I would definitely get the curry chicken. It had pineapples, peppers, mushrooms, beansprouts and cilantro. Not the traditional mix for thai curry but still so good. There’s a real kick in the curry, hence spicy.. thai curry chicken… I really love pineapple in my curries so bonus points there.

I wasn’t able to try the burger but was told that it was delicious. The fries also seemed freshly cut and well, fried. If you’re unsure of what to order though, you can never really go wrong with a chicken burger.


Overall, the Crooked Fork offers a unique menu with great options. The owner/staff were very sweet and friendly. During lunch, they were quite busy and the owner acknowledged the wait times which I always appreciate as a customer. During my visit, I witnessed another customer not get her meal due to the volume of orders. The owner dealt with this situation in a very friendly manner which is always nice to see in a business.

Whether it’s your lunch break or if you’re just out and about, I definitely recommend trying them out if you spot them on the street.

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