Caffe Sole

If you’re in search of a local cafe to check out, head to Caffe Sole. This minimalistic, cozy and modern cafe is located on 72 Ave, off of 99th street, and has a large menu of drinks which feature their artisan-crafted Mexican espresso, tea, or cacao. In addition to that, they also have some delicious bakery items and sandwiches. I’m a big fan of their space and offerings – both drinks and food! At this point, I think I’ve made my way through a good chunk of their menu so thought it was about time I shared what some of my favourites are on the blog.

Caffe Sole is family-owned and run by Jersen Reyes and his wife. He is originally from Tijuana and definitely knows a thing or two about coffee, having owned his own coffee bar in Mexico. I love stopping into Caffe Sole for a quick bite or refreshment as it’s never disappointed. Menu prices are very affordable and the service has always been quick and friendly too. As a bonus, if you’re a plant lover, Caffe Sole has plenty, creating a very green and welcoming atmosphere.

The drink menu at Caffe Sole is quite large. I remember during my first visit to Caffe Sole, I was overwhelmed with all of the delicious sounding options. Luckily, the barista was kind enough to help me figure out where to start and provided some suggestions. Every visit since, they have always given me sound recommendations and I’ve found some favourites.

Here’s my take: For drinks, their classics are a great place to start. You’ll find many familiar go-to items that you could order at other cafes. However, if you’re popping in, I definitely recommend trying out their signature drinks or frappes for something unique. After all, the majority of their drinks are made with their very own artisan ingredients.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the signature options but my favourites are personally the Lyra ($5.25), a mint flavoured mocha, the Luna ($4.75), an amaretto chocolate drink, and the Stela ($4.75), a signature drink with hints of coconut and cacao. I also enjoy the Granita Sole ($4.50) or Brownie Granita Sole ($5.00) on days where I want something richer. Both are mocha flavoured frappes, definitely a must try if you enjoy something sweeter and chilled.

For something super unique, check out the Tascalate ($5.00), a maize and cacao drink made with achiote, cinnamon and sugar. It’s intense in flavour and the texture is quite a bit thicker than most drinks but great if you enjoy something earthier.

Food-wise, I think I’ve tried almost every item at this point (no shame). The food menu mainly consists of artisan sandwiches, made fresh to order, which are great for on-the-go. While all of the options are tasty, my favourite items have actually been their vegetarian offerings – especially the #4 ($7.50), a brie, fig jam, and arugula sandwich, and the #5 ($8.50) a sandwich with portabello, roasted red bell peppers, provolone, arugula, red onions and a garlic aioli. Both sandwiches, despite having no meat, are so flavourful and filling.

I’m also a fan of the #1 ($12.00) a genoa salami, sopressata, hot capicollo sandwich. It’s got a bit of heat to it but it’s super tasty. For breakfast or brunch, try the #6 ($4.50) a mini chorizo, poached egg sandwich. It’s a smaller bite but makes the perfect pairing with your morning coffee or latte.

There is also a fair selection of pastries and bakery items. If you’re wanting something sweet, their Flan Cake ($5.00) is easily one of the best I’ve had. It is incredibly rich and creamy. Alternatively, their Churros ($4.75/small) are great to snack on and I remember their lava cake being really delicious too.

All in all, there a ton of delicious drinks and food items that you can enjoy from Caffe Sole. Being tucked away from the main street, I think of them as a bit of a hidden gem but I definitely recommend making a visit if you can!

Caffe Sole
9911 72 Ave NW

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