Photolog: Syphay Restaurant

While there are many opportunities to blog about all the new restaurants in Edmonton, I also want to take the time to celebrate and share a few of Edmonton’s long-reigning businesses. The food scene is constantly changing and sometimes it feels overwhelming to try all the new places! In the midst of all of it, there are still a few “classics” that deserve just as much love and attention too. That being said, let’s talk about one of my all-time favourites – Syphay Restaurant!

I know that “all time favourite” is a grand statement but this is no exaggeration, I’ve always named it as one of my favourite restaurants in Edmonton. Everything from the food to the service to the hospitality of the staff makes it one of my go-to places for Thai food and it’s been that way for years now. I’ve been to quite a few Thai spots but I always find myself returning to Syphay. They’ve always been the perfect place for any occasion and as I was going through photos for this blog post, I’ve realized that I have gone there for so many date nights, anniversaries, birthdays, you name it… they have hosted me for years of special celebrations. 

So in celebration of their NEW south side location, I thought it would be an ideal time to remind you of what’s not to miss on their menu. Their new space is beautiful and it’s the perfect opportunity to visit again… or if you haven’t gone yet. For long time goers – don’t worry, it’s the same menu, just in a new and improved space. 

Let’s talk food! I haven’t exactly tried everything on the menu but I’ve tried enough to tell you which items are the must-have dishes. If you’re a first-timer, here are a few suggestion to try. If you ask around, these are also fairly popular so you can’t go wrong: 

Thom Yum Soup – your traditional hot and sour soup, perfect if you need a little spice in your palette 


Pad Thai – stir fry rice noodles in a chilli tamarind sauce, a bit tangy and hot but a good starter in their lineup and a must try at any good Thai spot


Goong Krateum aka crispy garlic shrimp, super tasty and addictive. 


My personal favourites, though, stray away from their best sellers: Pad Sin Lon, Thom Kha Soup, Pad Lao, & Pad Pai Med Mamuang. 

Pad Sin Lon – a stirfry vermicelli noodle dish with plenty of veggies. It’s a bit lighter on the stomach but it’s still very delicious and has been my favourite noodle dish on their menu for quite a while now. Until I continue eating my way through the menu, this one will be my #1 noodle dish. 


Pad Lao – savoury, soy sauce based stirfry rice noodles! It was my go-to noodle dish for years before I decided to try Pad Sin Lon and I do prefer it over a Pad Thai.


Thom Kha Soup – a light and creamy coconut soup, something about it is just so inviting!


Pad Pai Med Mamuang – cashew nut chicken stirfry with tofu and veggies. Savoury, nutty, and a perfect accompaniment to some coconut or steamed rice. 


Alternatively, if you like thicker noodles, they also have Pad Siew.  Thick rice noodles stirfried in a light soy sauce. 


Coming to a Thai restaurant, you also can’t forget about their curry. Whether you like green, red, yellow, or any other variation – Syphay probably has it and does it well. I normally opt for green as a personal preference but just keep your spice tolerance in mind when you order! Protein choices can also be changed, I usually go for chicken. 

For starters, the Syphay Platter offers a bit of everything, although Gai Tod is a good choice too, especially if you enjoy curry chicken. 

If you want to satisfy the sweet tooth, try the Thai Tea or their Coconut Sticky Rice Mango dessert!  Their Thai Iced Coffee is also a great option – it’s not overly sweet and is a wonderful pick me up. 

Hopefully this photolog helps narrow down your order a bit! Their new south location is located right before Whitemud Drive at 4424 Calgary Trail – or you can visit their downtown location at 9441 Jasper Ave. Highly recommend a reservation if you plan to dine in! 

4424 Calgary Trial, Edmonton
9441 Jasper Ave, Edmonton

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