Calle Mexico

Calle Mexico started off with a food truck and they’ve now expanded their business to three locations: the first location in downtown, a spot in the WEM foodcourt, and now a restaurant space in south Edmonton, just off Whyte Ave. This locally owned restaurant serves up authentic Mexican dishes and having tried their food before, I was excited to have the option of getting Mexican food closer to home.

Their newest location takes over the old Atlantic Tap and Grill, though they’ve done some work to make it more reflective of a Mexican eatery! Their south side location is open, spacious, and more modern than their original downtown location. All decor in the space is reminiscent of Mexico and in the summer, I was told they even open up the doors for patio seating – can’t wait to check that out.

Walking into Calle Mexico, you’ll be greeted with the menu and smiling staff right away. Though Calle Mexico is a sit-in/dine-in restaurant, you go up to the till to order first. Before you sit back and wait for your food, don’t forget to grab utensils and sauces too!


There are a variety of Mexican specialties to choose from on the menu. For my most recent visit, I ordered tacos, enchiladas, and one of their sopes.



I’ve tried the majority of the tacos on Calle Mexico’s menu and definitely have some favourites. The nice thing is that they’re very flexible with how you want to order your tacos. While the menu goes by 3 tacos per order, you can switch up your protein choice for the tacos. Instead of getting 3 fish tacos, for instance, I’ll ask for 1 fish taco, 1 beef taco, and 1 al pastor taco so I can get a bit of everything. Prices for tacos range from $13.99-$14.99.

My favourite tacos are definitely the barbocoa (beef) and fish tacos. The beef is very tender and well-marinated, and I love the fish tacos as the fish is also well seasoned and crispy. When I was in Mexico, I loved al pastor (pork) tacos but Calle Mexico’s tend to be a bit on the drier side so it can be a hit or miss sometimes. However, the al pastor sopes that we tried this visit was quite tasty.


The Sopes ($5.50) is probably my new favourite item on their menu. While this dish only comes with one tortilla, it’s filling and could definitely substitute itself as a small meal or quick snack. Compared to a regular taco, the tortilla is a bit thicker and has a boarder around the edges. On the menu, the sopes normally comes with chicken but I opted for al pastor meat instead.

We also tried the Enchiladas Verdes ($14.99). Topped with salsa verde, avocado, lettuce, sour cream, and tomatoes, these are soft tortillas filled with chicken. It’s definitely a bit on the heavier side but it’s really tasty. The salsa verde is definitely no secret ingredient in this dish, expect it to be on the tart side.

In previous visits, I’ve also tried their guacomole. Now I know everyone has different preferences for their guac – consistency and taste wise. Some like it more sour, some like it chunky, some like it smooth – I prefer my guac to be chunkier with less citrus. That being said, I found Calle Mexico’s guac to be a bit too ‘wet’ and sour for my liking…. but maybe it’s the guac for you. Can confirm the chips are a hit though.

Calle Mexico’s Horchata ($3) is also a really great option. If you are unfamiliar with horchata, it’s a rice-based drink flavoured with cinnamon. It appears milky but it’s extremely refreshing! I love this drink and the sweet hints of cinnamon.


Last but not least, dessert! Calle Mexico has several dessert choices but the owner was kind enough to offer us some churros. I’ve had churros here and there (street fairs, Kdays, etc.), but these were the best churros I’ve had yet! Freshly made, drizzled in cinammon sugar, and served with a delicious caramel sauce, these were quickly devoured. I recommend not waiting too long to dive in anyway because they did get a little chewier as time went on.

So, all in all, I’d say that Calle Mexico continues to be one of my go-to spots for some Mexican fare. The friendly staff, delicious food, and lively atmosphere always makes me reminisce on my Mexico trips. Too bad we can’t just drop everything and say hasta la vista… although I’d say Calle Mexico is definitely a good start for now. Check them out for your next dining experience!

Calle Mexico
7704 104 Street, Edmonton
11127 107 Ave, Edmonton
WEM Food Court Phase 3

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