Dagu Rice Noodle

As a noodle soup lover, it’s exciting to know there is another option to satisfy my cravings. Just in time for the cold weather! I was recently invited to the soft opening of Dagu Rice Noodle and really enjoyed my experience – here’s a small preview of what you can expect.

Disclaimer: Although I was invited to check out Dagu Rice Noodle for a compensated meal, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Dagu Rice Noodle is a Chinese chain that is well known for its freshly made rice noodles and tasty soup. Their pork bone/chicken broths contain natural ingredients and no MSG! Not a fan of bone broth? Spoiler: their tomato soup is also delicious. At first, their menu was a bit confusing to me but I think I’ve got it figured out.


Dagu Rice Noodle offers rice noodle soup two ways: their signature Rice Noodle Soup in Hot Bowl, where all the toppings are served in the broth (in a heated pot), or deconstructed – referred to as Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodle Soup, where the toppings are served in a tray and you put them in the broth yourself. Eating soup this way was definitely different from any other Chinese spots I’ve had in YEG.


Either way, the presentation of their dishes is impressive! The soup comes out steaming hot, noodles are served on the side – freshly cooked, and if you are getting any Crossing the Bridge options, you will also get a colorful platter of toppings to add in yourself. There are also additional toppings that you may choose to order, at an extra charge.

Rice Noodles

If you’ve ever had Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup (Bun Bo Hue), I would say the noodles at Dagu Rice Noodle are very comparable to those round rice noodles. However, Dagu’s signature rice noodles are a bit softer in texture yet still, perfectly chewy and definitely made fresh!

By itself, the noodles are nothing extraordinary… but with the broth? 10/10! I guess you could say the soup and the entirety of the meal altogether: noodles, soup, and toppings is what made Dagu Rice Noodle so memorable for me.


During my visit, my boyfriend and I tried the Rice Noodle Soup with Braised Bone-in Beef ($14.99) and the Tomato Flavoured Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles Soup with Beef Slices ($12.99).  Both were delicious and flavourful, but I definitely preferred my tomato soup more! I was also told the tomato soup is one of their most popular options.

Tomato Flavoured Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles Soup with Beef Slices



What sets the crossing the bridge option apart from your regular hot pot experience? I would say time. For me, eating hot pot is kind of like snacking, where I’m taking the time to dip different items into broth and then taking it out, slowly making my way through a meal. On the other hand, at Dagu Rice Noodle, I added in my toppings all at once and enjoyed a single bowl of rice noodle soup… without having to worry about cooking things over and over again. Not to mention, the flavors of the broth here are way better than any hot pot I’ve had.

While it’s fun to add everything yourself, I found that my toppings weren’t cooking as well after some time. Understandably, the pot loses some of its heat so my best recommendation is to cook certain items right away – any protein you might have (i.e. beef, shrimps, fish cake, etc.) and the lettuce (cause uncooked lettuce in soup wasn’t fun to eat) to ensure that you can enjoy your meal right from the start.


Fish Cake

The braised bone-in beef was tender and the broth was aromatic and rich in flavour. My boyfriend ate the whole bowl clean, which is a rare occasion considering he normally doesn’t enjoy soup!


Braised Bone-in Beef


Rice Noodle Soup with Braised Bone-in Beef


We also ordered a side of their Spicy Crispy Chicken ($6.99) and their Deep Fried Mini Bun with condensed milk ($2.99/3 pieces) as dessert. The crispy chicken had just the right amount of spice.

Deep Fried Buns with Condensed Milk


And well, you just can’t go wrong with deep fried buns. The buns were nice and crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. Dip it in the condensed milk and you’re good to go!


Dagu Rice Noodle also has a selection of fresh fruit and tea drinks to choose from, so you can get your soup noodle and drink cravings all in one stop. We tried the Cheese Watermelon (cheese foam / $5.50) and the Super Fruit Tea ($6.00). My super fruit tea was nice and refreshing after a hot bowl of rice noodle soup.

Super Fruit Tea

Although Dagu Rice Noodle just opened, I think it’ll be a hit for YEG! The space is bright and open, prices are affordable (noodle soup bowls ranging from $11-$15ish), and the food is great.

I’ve noticed that other locations have more options on their menu, so I am hoping that the Edmonton location eventually adds other options too. In the meantime, I will definitely be back to satisfy my soup cravings, even if parking is a pain in the butt. Just happy to see another option for us noodle soup fans!

Big thanks to Dagu Rice Noodle for inviting me to try out your rice noodle soup and good luck on your new business journey!

Dagu Rice Noodle
10408 Jasper Ave, Edmonton

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