Tokyo Noodle Shop – AYCE

What used to house Takami sushi is now home to another well-known sushi restaurant: Tokyo Noodle Shop.

Tokyo Noodle Shop now has a second location that offers an all you can eat (AYCE) menu, alongside their regular dining menu. Aside from the fact that this location offers a lot of parking space (always a bonus in my books), I think it’s nice to have another AYCE option to add to the lack of AYCE selection in Edmonton. My experiences at other Edmonton AYCE sushi spots have not always been so great, so I went in here not expecting too much (in case I was disappointed lol).


Prices are as follows:

  • Adult – $34/person
  • Kids 5-11 y/o – $20
  • Seniors 65+ – $29

In comparison to other AYCE prices in Edmonton, I think this is fairly reasonable! But the biggest question, of course: was the food good and worth the price?

My verdict… I thought so! I left full, satisfied, and would return for a meal again. There were definitely some dishes that were better than others but overall, not bad at all. My biggest tip is to be cautious with how much you order and not let your hunger get the best of you. My bf and I definitely underestimated how much we could actually eat… we ended up having to pay an extra charge for having leftovers, oops!

Their menu is quite large and offers a good variety. A recap on what I ordered follows:

The tempura was mediocre, nothing special but good enough to satisfy a need for crunch I suppose.


I liked the BBQ short ribs which were tender and well-seasoned. It was one of the dishes I ordered more than once, given the small portion.

BBQ short ribs

Whereas sashimi is raw and fresh, tataki is slightly seared on the outside. Although the tuna tataki at Dorinku is my favourite, the one here is not bad – maybe a bit too seared for my liking but I’d order it again.  However, between the tuna and salmon tataki, I preferred the tuna much more as the salmon was extremely peppery! The salmon is described as being in a black pepper sauce on the menu but this was just too much for me.

Tuna Tataki
Salmon Tataki

The beef tataki was one of my personal favourites. I loved the fried onions! There was surprisingly a bit of spice to it with the seasoning but nothing that drew me away from the dish. The portion is also smaller but for AYCE, that may not be a bad thing since you will likely order other things anyway.

Beef Tataki

We tried some sushi and nigiri too but only managed to try a few options in hopes to save room for more food. Sushi can be really filling, ya feel? The sushi was decent but I don’t think they were the stand out dishes of my meal.

SURPRISINGLY, my favourite item for the night was the sashimi! I feel like I really got the “bang for my buck” here and I assume that sashimi is what most people lean towards when they go for AYCE sushi.


The sashimi was fresh, nicely cut, and I actually ate way more than I ever have. Maybe it’s growing on me… I really loved the salmon!

More sashimi!

There is a limit of 30 pieces per person, but if you’re going with more than one person, that’s still a lot of sashimi!

Lastly, we also ordered yakisoba noodles (which I forgot to take a picture of), but at this point I was stuffed and only managed to get a few bites in. From what I was able to eat, the noodles were extremely saucy and reminded me of fast-food style yakisoba. During a meal where I need some carbs, this could be good BUT  truthfully,  you aren’t missing out if you don’t order them.

All in all, I think Tokyo Noodle Shop is a strong contender in the AYCE sushi scene in YEG. Both my bf and I agreed that we would consider coming back, especially for the sashimi.

Tokyo Noodle Shop (Allendale location)
#108 10430 61 Ave NW, Edmonton



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