Love Waffle YEG

Alongside your favourite Chatime drink, you can now also grab some delicious egg waffles with Love Waffle YEG opening up business in Chatime South Edmonton Common. They’re the newest egg waffle shop to open up and they’re serving up some delicious Hong Kong style egg waffles.

Egg waffle: spherical egg-based waffle – popular Hong Kong/Taiwanese dessert

I personally love waffles and egg waffles, especially, are so tasty to snack on. I’m very happy to see more egg waffle options in Edmonton’s dessert scene. Love Waffle YEG stands out because they offer both sweet and savoury options. You can choose from Waffl’cream (dessert selection) or Waffl’dogs (hot dog in a waffle)! Their menu has specialty options or a build your own option. Prices start at around $8 and the waffles are perfect for sharing.

The waffles themselves were a hit for me. The batter is not too thin or soft, just right! If you prefer a crunchier egg waffle though, you might wanna request it. To date, I have tried 3 waffles:

The Very Berry ($8) is loaded with mixed berries and topped with coconut flakes, whipped cream, icing sugar, and strawberry syrup. With so many mixed berries, this waffle was more tart than sweet for me. I liked the hints of coconut but would opt out of the strawberry syrup next time as I thought it tasted somewhat artificial. As mentioned previously, the waffle itself was good and I preferred eating the bites with less of the toppings offered in the very berry.

The Chocoholic ($8), on the other hand, is a chocolate lover’s dream, literally.  It comes with Oreos and chocolate chips and is topped with icing sugar, whipped cream, and chocolate, caramel syrup.

As a chocolate lover myself, this is my favourite egg waffle so far. I preferred the Chocoholic much more than the Very Berry. If you aren’t a big fan of sweets and chocolate though, this may not be the best option. I personally loved it but given how sweet it is, it’ll definitely have to be one of those treats I get once in a while! The Oreos provide a nice crunch and everything together was a delicious bite.

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The Chocoholic

The Cajun Dog ($13) makes the conventional hot dog look boring. It consists of a hot dog (choice of plain or cheese!) in an egg waffle, topped with cajun seasoning, chipotle aioli, chilli flakes, green onions, and garlic flakes. I was initially skeptical of this combo because egg waffles are generally sweet and hot dogs aren’t… it seemed like an odd mix.

However, I really enjoyed it! If I had to compare it to something… it reminded me of hot dog buns or bbq pork buns from Hong Kong bakery  – savoury and meaty, but sweet at the same time. The combination worked out really well and I was a big fan of the chipotle aioli and cheese smokie! So yummy. My only complaint is that it is quite hard to eat because the egg waffle is “floppy” and much softer when there’s all the sauce. It got a bit messy to eat but it’s nothing too hard to handle. I likely wouldn’t order this regularly for a meal but it is a really tasty treat if you’re wanting to stray away from the dessert options.

All in all, the waffles at Love Waffle YEG are pretty extravagant. Their specialty waffles come with an abundance of toppings and you’re sure to leave with an instagram worthy picture. Although I had a good experience with all visits, I still prefer an egg waffle by itself (The Waffle’Cream – $6) because nothing can beat a plain egg waffle! (Otherwise, find me ordering the chocoholic everytime)

Love Waffle YEG’s grand opening is this Saturday, June 9th from 12-8PM! They have some great combo deals with Chatime drink; check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

Love Waffle YEG
1915 98 St NW, Edmonton

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