If you haven’t heard, Golomein is delicious. This family-owned shop was my first experience with Bruneian food. My fellow foodie, Alyshia from Caramunchies, was actually the one who recommended it to me and I’ve been hooked since!


What is golomein you ask? In short, it’s dry mixed noodles. The dish consists of shanghai noodles which are cooked separately and then mixed in with a marinating sauce. Unlike noodle soup dishes, where the flavor may come from the broth, golomein gets all of its tastiness from the seasonings in the sauce. The noodles are then topped with roasted BBQ pork, ground pork and bok choy pieces. Alternatively, there is also beef and satay chicken. Rice dishes – if noodles aren’t really your thing – are also available. Just a heads up though – you’re missing out if you’re not trying these fresh noodle bowls.

Golomein – Pork
Cha Siew Fan (w/ rice)

Golomein is run by owners Alex, Albert, Allen, and Jung. The golomein recipe is a recipe that has been perfected by the owners’ fathers, Khee, throughout the years. Khee worked at a noodle stand growing up in Seria, Brunei and has been making the noodle dish for over 50 years now. With a 50-year-old recipe, you can only assume that the food is amazing.

The family originally started business selling the noodles door to door, eventually moving into markets and finally, opening a store-front restaurant. It’s been a true grind, as Alex has stated. But hard work pays off because I think Golomein is a total hit, I can only see them growing bigger.


My favourite thing about Golomein is that everything is made in-house and the taste is consistent. Moreover, the bowls are huge and make for an affordable and filling meal. The Golomein – Pork ($13.95) is my usual order. Nothing beats the char siew!

Golomein – Pork

The Golomein Chicken ($12.95) is also quite tasty. It’s topped with grilled satay chicken and has a strong nutty flavour. The same satay sauce is also served with the Brunei Style Roti ($5), made fresh for every order. Pro tip from Alex was to eat the naan bread with the noodles – kind of like a salad roll – for a satisfying bite. (Update: unfortunately the naan bread is no longer available!)

Golomein – Chicken


The Golomein Beef ($13.95) option offers tender beef cubes and was also great. Although there are several protein options, my favourite one will always be the pork. I find that the pork is the most flavorful, and consider it as the must-try dish at Golomein.

Golomein – Beef
Golomein – Pork – so much meat with it!

They also have frozen, ready-to-eat packages which means that you can take them home and have them whenever you please. All you need to do is heat it up for 5-6 minutes; perfect for those nights where you may be too busy to cook up a meal! Packages can be bought in-person at their Bountiful Market location. Check out their Instagram for more updates.


For a fresh bowl of Golomein, stop by their stand on market days at Bountiful market. Whether you’re dining there or taking your food to go, it will taste great – I can attest to this! Golomein continues to be one of my go-to stops for a quick noodle bowl and I can always count on them for friendly service and a delicious meal. Be sure to check them out Fri-Sun, address posted below!

Golomein (Bountiful Farmer’s Market)
3696 97 St NW

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