When I was a student at the U of A, I frequented Filistix often. I have always been a big fan of their south pacific coconut chicken and was hoping to enjoy it again after finally having a chance to pop into their downtown space. However, I learned that their regular menu offerings are actually replaced by a brunch menu on Saturday mornings! These brunch options are only available on Saturdays from 11AM-3PM. Though I didn’t plan on having brunch, it ended up being a memorable meal that I wanted to share.

Filistix’s brunch menu features some classic Fillipino dishes with a modern twist. If you enjoy a savoury brunch, I’d recommend paying them a visit for your weekend brunch date! Their menu is not super extensive but it’s definitely quality over quantity here. After sipping on their shaken mango iced tea, I settled on ordering the Tapsilog and the Beef Pares Mami.

The Tapsilog features garlic fried rice, Filipino style cured sirloin, a fried egg, salsa and pickled veggies. I really enjoyed the savoury and sweet/tangy combo of flavours in the dish. The sirloin was cooked and seasoned well and when paired with a bite of garlic fried rice and veggies, it was great! There are also a few other rice options with pork, fish or spam.

The Beef Pares Mami is a Filipino style beef noodle soup. It came with egg noodles, sirloin beef, an egg and some veggie toppings. While I was hoping there’d be a bit more broth in this dish, I still thought it was tasty. It reminded me a lot of the beef flank noodle soup that I often get at Hong Kong style restaurants, but the broth was a bit lighter in flavour.

For dessert, we finished off with the Ube & Mango Crepes which were absolutely delicious. It was definitely my highlight of the meal and encapsulated well-known Filipino flavours beautifully. The dish tasted great but I also loved the presentation and how all the details were so well thought out – ube cream, ube chips, and mango compote! This is a must try if you’re visiting.

Overall, my visit to Filistix was a hit. Service was friendly and the space itself is warm and inviting. In addition to brunch, they do serve lunch, dinner and drinks on other days. Check them out if you’re looking to make some brunch plans or just want to enjoy some delicious Southeast Asian flavours. I look forward to visiting again for their lunch/dinner menu!

Filistix (Downtown)
Government District
10621 100 Ave NW

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