Bottega 104

Botegga 104 Italian Kitchen & Bar has recently taken over the space of what used to be Patrack Louie Kitchen & Bar. Located along Calgary Trail, off of Whyte Ave, the restaurant is neighbours with some other fan favourites – MEAT, Pip etc. Unfortunately, I feel that Botegga 104 fell short of my expectations in terms of food and service…


Let’s talk about the food first!

My boyfriend and I decided to share all the dishes this night. We tried the Lobster Mac and Cheese, the Rigatoni Abruzzi, and the Proscuitto Pear Pizza.

The B104 Lobster Mac and Cheese ($20) looked really impressive. It was a fairly simple dish, though – regular mac and cheese with a lobster tail. I was expecting lobster pieces incorporated with the pasta but was sad to not find any. The menu had also stated that there was truffle, yet I wasn’t able to taste any. The plus side though…  The mac and cheese was extra creamy and cheesy. As a starter/share plate, I thought the portion of this dish was fairly small – maybe that’s a good thing if you’re planning to order larger entrees!

B104 Lobster Mac & Cheese
Super creamy

Of all the dishes we ordered, I think I preferred the Proscuitto Pear Pizza ($20) the most. I enjoyed the combination of sweet and savoury. However, after a few bites, I felt like the dough was a bit dry and it was missing something.  That being said, I ended up ordering a side of arugula which definitely made it taste a lot better with hints of herbiness and greens.  Though this was the best dish of the night, Botegga 104 likely wouldn’t be my first choice for Italian pizza.

Proscuitto Pear Pizza

We also tried the Rigatoni Abruzzi ($20), featuring crumbled Italian sausage and pancetta tossed in their house tomato sauce. This pasta was fairly basic and tasted like something I could have made at home. The flavours were really subtle and it felt like it was quite rushed. For $20, I feel like we could’ve got something better. The portion size was fairly reasonable though and would be perfect as an individual meal or a meal to share.

Rigatoni Abruzzi

My thoughts on Botegga 104 are also influenced by the service… What made my visit a little harder to enjoy was the service – it was definitely not the greatest experience I had. I’m normally not one to get agitated over these instances – mistakes happen, but it was a little frustrating. To start, the servers got our order wrong twice – the first time, it seemed like a simple mix-up.  The second time, though, it felt like the server was aggravated that we mentioned there was another mistake.

At the end of the meal, it also seemed like we were being rushed to leave – we weren’t asked if we wanted anything else such as dessert etc. it went straight to “I’ll grab the bill for you guys.” To have this after a meal where our waters weren’t refilled, our orders were wrong, and no check-ins for other items were made, I was not too satisfied.

So all in all, I’d say that the food was alright and the service could’ve been better. For the prices I was paying, I was hoping for a better experience. Considering how this location recently opened though, perhaps there are still a few kinks to work out. Or maybe it was just a bad day. But if you were to have me make a decision solely based on my visit this time around, I would probably choose another place. I likely wouldn’t return anytime soon. Like I said though, maybe it was an off day – should you find yourself here for a meal, I hope your experience is better than the one I had.

Bottega 104 Italian Kitchen & Bar
10335 83 Ave, Edmonton

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