Top 5 Ice Cream Places

In honour of National Ice Cream day today,  I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite places to grab some ice cream – whether that’s the classic cone or desserts with ice cream! In no particular order, here’s where I think the best treats to cool off or satisfy a sweet tooth are:

  • Scoop n Roll – ($7) this unique rolled ice cream is fun and tasty. You can watch your ice cream being made, quite literally. There’s also many flavours and toppings that you can add in and personalize it to your liking! Best of all, it definitely provides for an insta-worthy picture. Click the link in to see a full recap on it 🙂
  • 80 Flavours – (1 scoop: $4 / 2 scoops: $6) another pop up shop for some ice cream. As their name states, they have 80 flavours to choose from and you’ll be lucky if you know what you want right away! The variety of flavour, the cheap prices and the quick service make it an awesome stop for ice cream. I have this as one of my top picks because of the abundance in options.
  • Syphay Restaurant – ($5.95) the dessert at Syphay  “Khao Niao Mamuang” is one you don’t want to be missing out on if you’re ever there. Topped with vanilla ice cream, it’s a dessert dish that comes with sweet coconut rice and mangoes as well. The mix of warm coconut rice, cold ice cream and fresh, sweet mangoes creates a crazy good dessert that I can never pass up. I definitely recommend this one as well! IMG_5455.JPG
  • Brown’s Social House – ($9.95)  although this pick is from a chain restaurant, the Warm Double Chocolate Brownie is topped with ice cream and it is one of my favourite desserts. If I’m ordering dessert here, the brownie is always my go-to! Warm brownie and cold ice cream = the best. Alongside ice cream, the brownie is also finished with icing sugar, whipped cream, caramel and chocolate shavings.
  • Costco + Ikea – you might be wondering why I am listing these two and the truth is, they have the best soft serve ice cream for the cheapest price! How can you go wrong with buying a soft serve cone for less than $2?! Too good. IKEA calls it ‘frozen yogurt’ but we all know it looks and tastes just like ice cream.

& that concludes my short list of my favourite places for some ice cream.. there are obviously many more places that are just as fantastic and can satisfy the need for ice cream, so by no means is this all that there is. Where are your favourite places to go?


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